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Wow the new connection selection view sucks 😬

Ah yes of course. I can add a CalDav calendar to Evolution, but not to GNOME Calendar because GNOME is badly designed and hates its users lol


public class No {
public static void main(String[] args) {
System.out.println("No 😈");

Hello, you are a good

πŸ‘Ή devil
πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’» devel

Same thing

Which USB port should I keep my yubikey in?

Not sure if I'll stick with PopOS but I'll definitely try out COSMIC on NixOS at some point.

I _like_ the idea of having a "normal" linux under the hood and then using home-manager and nix for all my dev stuff. But who knows, maybe it'll drive me up the walls eventually πŸ˜‚

In fact, whenever EU decides something for the good of all (european) humans, corporations shove their shit in the global South.

Whenever Facebook & cia gets regulated, they just more agressively mine and sell the personal data of humans of the global south.

Whenever a "Plastic Free By 2019 Europe!" bill passes, there is an increase of plastic production and offer here in the South.

Then we get looked down upon:
"Hur dur why don't you get rid of the plastic?"

Why don't you share patent-free technology to recycle it and to produce other materials?

Why do you steal and patent our resins and mass produce it only for yourselfs?

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Considering how developed nations thought only of themselves during the Pandemic - and had the total lack of notion and shame to unillatery declare "The End of The Pandemic" repeatedly since 2021 - I have no actual hopes they will tackle climate change and mass pollution (by plastic, lead, and other toxic and radioactive material) without a lot of environmental prejudice, racism, xenophobia and neocolonization.

Some of you already asked, if #FediVision was a thing this year.#

Today I can tell you: Yes, it absolutely is! Go and follow @fedivision and pay our small websive a visit, and learn everything about this year's contest!

Spread the word! Enter your music! Have fun!

reminder that harriet tubman was disabled and in her late twenties when she led many slaves to escape (like, she had NARCOLEPSY AND NEVER KNEW WHEN SHE WOULD FALL ASLEEP DURING ESCAPES BUT SHE STILL GOT EVERYBODY OUT/that one quote about "i would've freed more if they had known they were slaves") and i'm reminding you of this because there system wants us to think that she was superhuman to deter us from believing we can achieve our freedom as well

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sometimes i have the money to help you out, sometimes i don't. sometimes you have the money to help me out, sometimes you don't. trying to remember that in all of these, it is not a moral failing. Even though we may feel bad that we can't help monetarily in the moment, that doesn't undo how much we care for one another. it's hard though.

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PSA: please do not use "religion" when you mean Christianity, abortion 

Attempting to get ahead of the inevitable backlash: US abortion bans are not an expression of *religious* freedom. They are an expression of certain *Christian* views.

In Judaism, there are many cases where abortion is halachically mandated: (a good overview from an Orthodox perspective) Banning abortion infringes upon Jewish religious freedom, so please don't say "religion" when you mean Christian.

Who would win

1. Silicon valley billionare with a giant underground race war / climate change bunker and no useful life skills
2. One hot non-binary boi with an apartment complex filled with bean plants

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