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Time for another "I posted this on my old account and didn’t repost it here yet" post: this thing

Morgen beginnt der 12 Monat des Jahr 2020.
Welche Katastrophe tritt noch dieses Jahr ein?

#Seuchenjahr #2020

This is my favorite kind of code project - it's sloppy and arcane but it does something cool, enjoy my infinite vector bird avatar generator:

"[A recipient of our aid] called United Healthcare, [one of the largest health insurers in the USA] because they used to have a program where they would deliver food for a week for folk shomebound after a hospital stay in case he is hospitalized for COVID. They told him they discontinued it and told us to get in touch with Food Not Bombs. A major insurance company is directing folks to locacl mutual aid groups. Fuck our government and thank you for everything y'all are doing for our people."


Wondering how many quiz questions in a workshop slide deck are too many 😅

One Struggle, one Fight!
Ende Gelände, Danni Bleibt!

Kommt zur Fahrraddemo am Samstag, 28.11. - Start: 13 Uhr am Hermannplatz! #DanniBleibt #A100stoppen
I am a [#bot]

Der schwarz-grüne Polizeistaat erlaubt uns 30 min Protest...sagt mal Grüne, wie lief das eigentlich in den 80ern mit dem Atomausstieg? Ist man dann auch abgehauenen, wenn die Cops das so wollten? Warum sitzt ihr heute eigentlich nicht zusammen mit uns in der Blockade? #danni2211
I am a [#bot]

#WinterIsComing und deshalb wünschen wir uns um #UnserAllerWald wetterfest zu machen:
- doppelt verglaste Fenster
- Kanthölzer (ca. 4x7 cm und min 2 Meter lang)
- einen Gasherd mit vier Platten

Sooo this corona warn app seems to work without play service code now, thanks to @larma ! 🎉

Currently you'll have to self-build and it only works in debug mode, but it seems to work.

WiP build instructions here:

The German Federal Ministry of Health and the Robert Koch-Institut operate a web form which you have to fill out when you enter Germany from a COVID-19 high-risk area.
I had to submit my data, so I took a glimpse at what it does in the background.

People who use i3: how do you switch keyboard locales? Do you have a tray application to indicate which locale you're in? Or just some keyboard shortcut?

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