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today people in #berlin are protesting in solidarity with those stuck in camps, against capitalism and for open borders.

see images for some impressions.

there's also an occupation taking place.
more infos for that see here:
(they also do streaming)

Let it be the beginning.

As long there's people living in the street, and as long there're empty houses, it's the responsible of those that have the pysical and mental capacities, to claim back such spaces.

#besetzen #squatting #coronacrisis

Do not use zoom:

And to all developers out there:
Stop using facebook sdk and other stupid stuff. Take care of your users!

#zoom #privacy #tracking #attention #facebook #sdk

420 shitpost 

podcaster signoffs, shitpost 

The new Infected Mushroom album is so good 😍🎢

Why did I have to discover Obsidian's new RPG now? (The outer worlds).

It looks way too good and I really don't have time to play it right now 😭

... or maybe I do πŸ€”

advice to the UK from day 10 of the spanish lockdown 

Hey uh, not-entirely-hypothetical but how do you get a bird out of a large retail store? (think about the size of a Michaels or TJ Maxx, not a Walmart)

Opened an e-mail to a near stranger with "Hope you're doing well in this surreal mess". What a time we live in

"This Whole Thing Smacks Of Computers," i holler as i overturn my girlfriend's computer and turn the 23rd of march into the 23rd of Shit

Speaking from a historical perspective, governments always, scrupulously restore the freedoms that they take away in times of emergency, and in a timely manner

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