Climate collapse, shitpost 

@schratze what do you mean? It's fucking blinding!

Nach ΓΆffentlichen Aktionen der #FAU in #Mainz wegen eines Arbeitskonfliktes bei Β»Mainz liefertΒ«, gab es nun erste Erfolge vor dem Arbeitsgericht u.a. mit Lohnnachzahlungen. Im September geht es in die nΓ€chste Runde #BesserOrganisieren #RidersUnited

Oh right it's Monday, I should do some work...

*naps in the sun*

ADHD or autism? 

@draco also can very much relate to the "sees it all and is overwhelmed by all the information" πŸ˜…

ADHD or autism? 

@draco I've found there's such a large overlap of symptoms with those two, if you have a mild form of both they just blend into each other and are very hard to distinguish.
I mean, that's how psychology works in general. It's just a collection of brain quirks that occur together in certain patterns that are labeled "X" or "Y"

Oh no, I just put some beans on toast. What's happening to me

"Calling someone a piece of shit for expressing an opinion is a little harsh, don't you think?"

Look, if your opinion is that a movie is bad or the color red is a poor clothing choice or that tuna fish is yucky, yeah, that'd be harsh.

If your opinion is that LGBTQ+ people are lesser people who should never be seen in the world, piece of shit is the polite end of the scale and you can fucking take it as such or I'll drop the filter.

linux, intense eye-contact 

@spacekookie get in loser we're going to torrent a distro

*pokes and prods the timeline with a stick*

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