@LazyCreditRiver I'm kinda curious, why do you think I need to read this? Like...yes thank you, I can use google too.

@Havvy These foam blocks were a fucking ripoff. Come with a free synth though

@eqe its a stereo flanger with a lot of presets. But ive also never worked with dsp before

I failed to unpack the synth that just came because i got distracted by the packing material πŸ˜…πŸ˜…

@x44203 @LazyCreditRiver Oh yea - is on the inner pin which is the opposite of the rest of my kit 😬

@x44203 @LazyCreditRiver That's what I thought but I found no evidence of that. The tracing on this board is a mystery to me

@LazyCreditRiver It's an earthquaker devices Pyramids. I didn't see any obvious specs on their website and I couldn't see a power handling section of that PCB (it's probably on the back). Now, the components aren't wired directly to the other components which means they're doing _something_ with that power but I don't really feel like disassembling the whole pedal to find out πŸ˜…

Me getting a new guitar pedal: i wondor how its power suppyl works and if it could handle 12V...

Website publishers now can advertise their onion service to Tor users by adding an HTTP header. If you are a developer, learn how to enable Onion-Location in your website: community.torproject.org/onion

It's really funny to learn about some game's modding community and see the same meta-development patterns in their community over and over and over again :P

My first experience was Homeworld 2, then KSP, now getting back into Rimworld πŸ˜…

It's the summer 2020 look πŸ’β€β™€οΈβœ¨ (CW: selfie)


β€œFree users for sure we don’t want to give that [end-to-end encryption] because we also want to work together with FBI, with local law enforcement in case some people use Zoom for a bad purpose” - Eric Yuan, CEO.

@malte Damn, I guess I'm late to the party :D This just happened to the first time for me

Wow I managed to crash the youtube UI into playing a video while not being on the video player page πŸ‘€

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