Gonna start streaming hacking soon over at diode.zone: diode.zone/videos/watch/21a70f

Stream chat (and actual stream) also available at stream.spacekookie.de or via your favourite XMPP/Matrix client (instructions on the website)

@river Thing is I don't actually do my own taxes. Currently I'm managing the Afra books which is very different from being a freelancer

not safe for work! (not sexual), sillypost 

abolish capitalism!
destroy the concept of wage work!

Honestly "it's not racism unless there are slurs" is white-people respectability politics πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ

F-Droid Server (_fdroidserver_) v2.0 will be released in two weeks! We would like to include as many languages as possible. These are the tools used for building apps and working with app repositories.

CW | Prisons talk 

β€œBut that's giving prisoners what some people who don’t commit crimes don’t have!”

A) That’s a false binary, we criminalize poor people all the time.
B) We should ABSOLUTELY be making sure everyone outside prisons has mandatory access to these things too!

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CW | Prisons talk 

Prisons don’t solve the problem of people harming each other/society, and should cease to exist in its current form.

We need to research and construct something better.

However, while we’ve got them:

I thought it might be really important to share the work of this artist.

It's Adele Renault and she's a Belgian artist.

He work is breathtaking. She doesn't only do pigeons portraits but also people's portraits.


JESSE: Don’t post that we’re cooking meth yo! That’s bad news

WALT: Jesse it’s not like those corporate sites,

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