"So the Hyperloop, for example, [Musk] admitted to his biographer that the reason [it] was announced—even though he had no intention of pursuing it—was to try to disrupt the California high-speed rail project and to get in the way of that actually succeeding."


Imagine being a Billionaire shithead who spends millions on a fake tech project because you *checks notes* don't like trains

@spacekookie Every single one of Musk’s stupid bullshit projects eventually turns out to be a grift to sell more Teslas.

@spacekookie he's a car salesman, and as such, has a huge interest in destroying public transportation.

Zillion-dollar idea:
Traffic jams, but you’re trapped 200ft underground


I didn’t see your initial toot so, I thought you were talking about the world’s worst non-subway (Boring Company) lol

This thing about the Hyperloop is somehow *even worse*, which is honestly a real accomplishment :blobtired:

we've already been thru this same bullshit before, and elon wants to do it all over again.

Fuck the hell off, dude :blobangery:

I would like to get off Mr. Musk's Wild Ride

Musk admits trains are better than Teslas 


That also means Musk thinks trains are a better way to travel than Teslas, at least for many people.

Otherwise he wouldn't see trains as a threat to Tesla sales.

@spacekookie wait, do you mean Silicon Valley ain't gonna come to rescue us all?! Where all the promises of the sparkling bright future the investors kept lavishing us with a, khm, misunderstanding?

@spacekookie Been thinking about that for a while, this dude couldn't hate trains more.

@spacekookie He does this with everything. It's about sucking up all the oxygen in the room for himself. "Why should we invest in your self driving AI startup when Tesla will have it by October (in 2017 and still not here)?" "Why should we invest in your solar panel shingles when Tesla's are coming out next year (in 2016 and just now coming out for real kinda)?" This is even on stuff he is trying in the first place at all. Neuralink is rehashed old shit he is trying to pretend he invented. That stupid fucking robot was literally a guy in a leotard. Yet people ate it up. Yet CW is "Musk invented it all". Fuck that noise.

@spacekookie so.. a podcast producer recites heresay from musk's biographer as fact.. 🤔
And a lot of his points are not quite correct..

But any debate will end in everyone believing their point is right and the other side is totally wrong...

I don't like Hyperloop either - but it has nothing to do with Elon besides spaceX hosting a competition here and there too get the technology to mature... There are currently many other companies promising brilliant loops and are even trying to get funding/permits (like Hyperloop one)..

Most people also mix up loop (metro-like system for local inner city commute) which boring co is building and the highspeed-train-hyperloop ..

And I think the main reason the California rail line was axed was because it was so expensive that the fares would not cover the cost ... Maybe a possible Hyperloop played a role - but only a minor one.

@Me_but_lewd California HSR wasn't axed. It's scheduled to start operation in 2029.

I'm also not confusing "the loop" and "hyperloop". Both are dumb fucking concepts that are never going to work because _physics_.

I also don't think that saying "hey X told his biographer that Y" is "presenting Y as a fact". How else would you want someone to disclose information like this? Just... not mention it at all?

@spacekookie loop is working 🤷‍♀️ a first one is doing fares in Vegas and getting extended, another one should strike ground in Austin,soon..
I mean.. in my town we are even seriously discussing urban ropeway in addition the the existing tram and bus network ..
Loop is not on the radar here yet - but I'm sure there would also be use-cases for it.

So.. back to the point of the quote: HSR was not axed? Why then argue about Hyperloop as a tool to get rid of it?!..

@Me_but_lewd > So.. back to the point of the quote: HSR was not axed? Why then argue about Hyperloop as a tool to get rid of it?!..

I would like you to think about why you're getting all up in my mentions because I posted an article that didn't like the guy you apparently like so much.

@ loop: yea sure, it's a nice amusement park ride. If you think this is going to in any way "solve traffic" all I can say is "lol".

@spacekookie because it got boosted without comment into my timeline 🤷‍♀️

@spacekookie attributed Hyperloop ™️ to stupidity, a complete lack of engineering literacy. Should have attributed it to malice

@tuv stupidity and lack of engineering literacy were probably still involved 😂

@spacekookie Like this doesn't shock me, though the fact that he was dumb enough to admit it this soon does.

There's a lot of crud Musk fans really don't want to admit, like all of his companies are basically purpose-built to sap public funds. Why win in the market when you can get the government to cut you checks instead.

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