What are some good OSM client for Linux? Offline map rendering, full map download and a good* search are important.

*bonus features: search only in the given view, generally do fuzzy searching, etc

@spacekookie so I use osmand but I've been very frustrated with it recently. Hit some bugs and the search is terrible.

@kawaiipunk That's okay. I use osmand on android too (which I actually have warmed up to a bit :sweatsmile:). But on linux I have so far nothing

@spacekookie I have the same question.

I actually use #osmand in combo with quite a bit, but I guess that is cheating

@spacekookie download the features you need via Geofabrik or quickosm or osmdoenloader for the area you need and use qgis for searching and rendering?

@spacekookie quickosm uses the overpass api i think there also must be a way to give a command to download everything in an area. And for bigger areas the Geofabrik osm exports

@spacekookie guess that is the nerdy way and i see why this solution does not work for everyone.

@spacekookie you don't like qgis?

Also osmnx

Qgis is python based so osmnx should work with it

@tqft @spacekookie qgis is not really a OSM client, I'd say. No routing functionality, no good offline capability AFAIK, no map editing or GPX tracking...


I'd suggest you have a look at Pure Maps. On its own, it uses various online maps, and combined with OSM Scout Server it provides everything offline: maps, search, routing, turn-by-turn guidance.

KDE Marble is another decent application and can use just about any map tile source there is. (It is also available for Windows if someone wants that.) If you tweak cache settings a bit, you get offline maps. Search and routing are online-only, though.
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