Is there some self hosted/ fediverse software to do live radio broadcasts? (the fediverse aspect would mostly be that people could follow when the broadcast goes live, etc) :boost_ok:

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@spacekookie well, it's not a radio broadcast, but PeerTube does live streaming? It might be possible to write a small plugin to stream the audio from the feed to another live stream for radio?

@sean Hmmm. Maybe? I was mostly thinking that my experience with the audio quality of peertube streams has not been great. But maybe that was be just not having configured it correctly πŸ€”
But also...thinking of this more and more I'm wondering how hard it could possibly be to just _write_ this? πŸ˜… (can someone else please do it though I already write too much software)

@spacekookie @sean I was going to suggest icecast but that leaves out the announcement part, though perhaps there's already a bot/script that can utilize the mastodon API to post what you like. Funkwhale doesn't have live streaming support yet, unfortunately.

I would kind of recommend peertube as well - the audio quality should be what you make of it, as long as there's not some really bad transcoding settings somewhere on the peertube server.

@sean Have you seen peertube announce when someone fires up the video on a permanent live stream, or does one have to create a new video/livestream on their channel to get a notice to go out? I honestly don't think I've checked this piece out too closely, though I've fooled around with the live streaming.

@spacekookie Not that I've ever tried to use either myself, but over in podcasting land there's Castopod and maybe the channels function in Funkwhale?

@galaxis @spacekookie
P-node only partially answers your question, but it's definitely worth a better look at :

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