ME: I'm gonna take a WHOLE MONTH where I don't do computer things
Me: ...
Me: *starts writing a game engine*


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justifying myself 

Okay so why the fuck would I write a game engine? Easy: there's none that works like I want it to work.

I'm incredibly bad with black box programming. I need to understand all parts of a system (or be able to understand them) or else I will feel lost. I feel more comfortable in a text editor with the occasional GUI tool to create and modify assets than in Unity or Unreal or Godot or whatever.

BUT, I don't want a framework either. I don't want to repeatedly write boilerplate

justifying myself 

So I want to have a EMS and an assets loader and a bone animation toolkit and I want all of these things to be a bit opinionated on how a project is structured with tools to generate a project for me, and an editor to create game objects from sprites or SVGs. Not to mention audio and AI and whatever else i'll come up with.

justifying myself 

The result will be an engine that places the focus on code but that gives you enough tools to throw at artists that they can contribute effectively without having to touch the code themselves.

I've been working on this conceptually for the last 5 years or so but never started writing it because it's a _lot_ of work.

But for one of my game projects the framework I've been using is just not very nice and I ended up writing many of these components already. So why not start now?

16 lines of code to create a window and close it again isn't too bad imo

@dualhammers I don't know, I felt like people were gonna tell me to "just use X" :P

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