This is a good link to keep around to point people at when they keep going on how flatpaks are gonna be the new thing or whatever

@spacekookie In short: Flatpak is a heavy-handed solution for dependency hell that missed a few important details.

@tk well its just doing what Windows does essentially and throws out all the advantages of the Linux desktop.

If you actually wanted security from random applications, something like is a much better approach

linux, flatpak 

@spacekookie How to trust these kind of websites tbh? Like «Flatpak developers consider this a minor security issue.» but following the link it’s not obvious what it means. Or the fact that fcitx wat broken (no date, kind of bad too imho), and the article telling it’s the end of writing CJK while IBus or other exists. I’m wary of bad faith arguments like this

@spacekookie I haven't seen a website like this in a long time (maybe never): One page of text, one image, five links. Nothing else. Wow. 😲

@spacekookie I'm not so sure I want to rely on a web page that is outdated has no authorship information. Also, it's pretty clear that right now there is a strong competition between Flatpak and Snap that is not going to be resolved based on technical merits, but rather on commercial strength of Red Hat vs Canonical. Spreading misinformation like this website doesn't help users.

@spacekookie I can't say I hate snaps. I have never used one. I do hate the way Canonical presents snaps as the best solution, whereas it's a centralized silo that should have no place in the Linux world.

I guess the same could be said about Canonical's snaps?
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