You made a game? Cool, I wanna pay you for it. But please give me the fucking source code so I can make it build on my weird ass linux. And also, I can remix music and pictures, I wanna remix a game.
When you make art, it stop being yours. You give it to the world and it becomes collectively owned. Games are no exception.

That's not to say that everything should be free. But like..your game is already DRM free, just give me the source code when I buy it!

thanks for coming to my ted talk.

My free software game "how to not finish a game" will never be released

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The biggest struggle around free software (in my extremely important opinion) is changing the narrative from

"but how is anyone supposed to support themselves making free software! Its not feasible!"


"lets dismantle the limiting worldview of capitalism and consumerism that keeps us from invisioning new ways of supporting people who make free software"

@spacekookie I wonder why game companies are do foreign to open source, even in 2020🙄 Are they afraid competitors will steal their code? If their competitors can't write their own code then they have nothing to fear. Also, the game industry is not an idustry where a single competitor can destroy you.

@matiaslavik One argument I've heard is "the game code is ugly and I'm ashamed of it", which is pretty common for games because they're extremely complicated to make and often need some dirty hack to make something more intuitive or work better or whatever :/

@spacekookie oh, yes I've heard that too. I don't think game code needs to be that ugly though (at least not for larger companies). Where I worked before we had no code reviews, and the leaders would suddenly give us crazy deadlines, resulting in poor code and lots of tech debt (=>more unpaid overtime 😢) .
I have friends who work in companies with a lot more self respect though, so it's not always the case.
For online games I can understand it since they might have security holes

@matiaslavik well personally I've noticed that me writing generic code is usually a lot nicer than user facing stuff in games.
But neither is an excuse to not show people the code.

Also, I don't think I have any hope for big companies making free software games because why would they. But the indie scene should embrace it more

@spacekookie I also find user-facing stuff hard to write good code for. Maybe because it's so specific.

And yes. If anyone will make open source games it would probably be indie companies. I hope there will be more of that, instead of closed source games maybe with a level editor if you're lucky..
The only open sourced games I know about are either games that were made by open source communities, or games that had their source code released a few decades after their initial release.

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