Content Warning: Bad joke 

Content Warning: Bad joke
A policeman put on his uniform
He'd like to have a gun just to keep him warm
Because violence here is a social norm
You've got to humanise yourself

@spacekookie I neither like nor dislike the police, yet can't imagine how things should work without them, whilst being almost in disbelief about on how often the power is abused – up to murdering people – and how openly right extremists are operating amongst them.

Would you prefer me to unfollow you?

@ida If you can't imagine a world without police I would advise you look within yourself why that is, and what is stopping yourself from letting go of this narrative around the necessity of police.

Good morning and sorry for late reply, I accidentally wrote into a new toot instead of replying, here it is:

For example if you get physically attacked on the streets by some random person who has a problem with your religious belief or whatever, I can't imagine that nothing is done about it, also to prevent further attacks.

@spacekookie If you have a spoon or two left, I'm certainly curious to read about your vision of a police-less society.

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