Happy pride month. Kind of a coming out: I wrote a blog post about how gender isn't a fixed thing and the trans community needs to be better at unlearning the gender binary.

Thank you for a good piece. It was very much aligned with my understanding and very well written. Always worth reiterating! I would also like to say that I appreciate the aesthetics of your site.

@spacekookie thanks for posting this. it was really good to read, as someone who has hesitantly slid into her transition and is uncertain about a lot of things

@spacekookie also, how are you a Trans Elder and somehow still younger than me >_>;;

@QuietMisdreavus I am? 😅

But also: yea, transition doesn't have to be final, you can change your target, strategy, and expectations half way through, or multiple times.

I think the only important take-away is that it should make you happy

@spacekookie i turned 30 back in november, lol

anyway yeah, gender is a fuck and i feel like for me it's mainly a means to an end (specifically, feminine patterns of socialization, which i felt like i was missing out on before transitioning) even if it's hard for me to say i have a concrete sense of """identity""", lol

@QuietMisdreavus hm, I think in part it's "fake it till you make it" or rather "until you figure it out"

@spacekookie thanks for writing and sharing this, hits me right in the gender feels

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