@spacekookie youve got to the the first person to have done it on a train πŸ˜›

@grufwub @spacekookie been there, cause I accidently soft-bricked my notebook, shortly before a train ride

@spacekookie @petabyteboy

This is just superawesome :D Hope you dont get too many confused looks

@spacekookie libreboot? i really need to libreboot my x201 to teach it to efi

(out of interest, do you know if progress was ever made with libreboot on the x220/x230? i kinda want to upgrade from the x201 at some point)
@spacekookie np :) worth an ask because if i start googling this i'll end up with my laptop in bits and a broken bios

@spacekookie @petabyteboy this is awesome, and due to the similarity, it makes me wonder if the Thinkpad I am using _right now_ could be corebooted...

it is a W530. I shall go find out (:
Holy crap, you can.

Well, ok, someone can. Not you in particular. and not me, as I am afraid of anything resembling soldering because I don't have a backup machine.

But I shall now look for someone in Helsinki who might be able to do this (:

@Truck @petabyteboy well, you should use a clamp to flash the chips anyway. No soldering required.

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