@transcaffeine people in Germany at least have a tendency to just speak English when they notice German isn't someone's first language.

@spacekookie hmmm. noticed that aswell. idk what i should think about that. kinda cool that almost everyone can speak a second language mostly solid (able to hold a conversation)

@spacekookie @transcaffeine I can confirm the German event from real life and the French one too :flan_smile:

@spacekookie Yep, same in the Netherlands. When I lived in Holland my (rather feeble) attempts to learn at least a bit of Dutch were not at all helped by their habit, when I tried buying train tickets or the like, of just answering in perfect English.

@spacekookie se english speechbubble in se last panel should be slightly broken

@spacekookie Pretty much sums up my language experiences while traveling in Europe.

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