I wrote down some thoughts about and why this year's congress resonated with me:

@pettter Oh, I had heard someone mention that headline before but haven't read the article. Thanks for linking it to me! :3

@spacekookie It's very much geared to an American context, and EU hackers, I'm glad to say, is not nearly as far along. I'm happy to hear Congress has taken a turn for the better!

@spacekookie I was speaking to a comrade who in lives in Leipzig about the far right movement in Saxony.

That someone would be "apolitical" in the face of a shift towards the fascist right around the world and also the impending effects of climate change is super worrying to me.

@kawaiipunk Absolutely!
I noticed this back in 2016, when people were still a lot less aware of what had just happened. Who were just joking about the wall and whatever shit they thought was funny.
This happened at 33C3 as well, there were people making a lego wall with LEDs and thought it was fuccin' hilarious

@spacekookie yeah I remember that! For me also, this was my fav Congress (I have been past 3 years).

I liked that poster that was like "you are beautiful, let's change the world"

There isn't any time to be complacent anymore.

I am also very impressed with the organising that has been done with the awareness team and autism/neuru divergent team and also the accountability process. This makes me feel a lot safer at Congress.

Getting a bit emotional about it rn :blobheart:

@franzi Ja der server ist weg, hab das js noch nicht aus dem header geschmissen 😅

@spacekookie good comment. I like the bottom line:

»we shouldn't forget our core motivation as hackers:being gay, and doing crimes!«

@spacekookie great post! Shame I couldn't make it this time.

The UK hackerspace scene needs to be less apolitical. I should get on that.

At EMF last year we had some feedback about it being "too political" but frankly we're just getting started...

Except that I don't think my motivation for hacking is "to do crime" - though I kind of get what you're getting at and agree enough to applaude - I thought it was an awesome text and I'm very happy (as a non-goer unfortunately) that C3 is taking a more explicit political stance.

The last half year I've tried to seed !umehack into discussing these things more and making sure we have a common baseline for activism in the hackerspace. For example we've participated in Umeå's anarchist bookfaire etc.

@mmn I actually don't know about that but it is a bit of a meme: "be gay, do crimes"

@spacekookie LB: «Because we shouldn't forget our core motivation as hackers: being gay, and doing crimes!»

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