I should print this out and hang it on my wall because I need to hear that more often I think

@spacekookie was just wondering what to work on today, and maybe I should just play video games and be online.

@alva that's a good idea! I'm still finishing up my slides for monday, gonna practise the talk once, then gonna bath and play Overwatch.

Just because I need to make sure I don't burn out in the next 6 weks 😬 (and it's still like 3 weeks until I can cuddle @qyliss again)

@spacekookie in life... correct.

As an employee that is exactly how your worth is measured, however.

Separating those areas is essential, though can be difficult.

@rtwx eww, no. To link the worth of people to anything other than themselves, is such a toxic and capitalist notion.

@spacekookie well yeah. Tell me how you survive otherwise. That’s the world we’re born into; you have to survive first, in order to change it.

@rtwx ?!?!?!
I mean, I obviously survive _somehow_. Does that lessen my criticism of capitalism?

Do I have to be dead to say "capitalism sucks and stop talking about people's "worth", it's proto-fascist" ?

@spacekookie your first post literally says “your worth”, but whatever.

@rtwx . . .

do you not understand the contextual difference between "your worth is not measured by your productivity"


"As an employee that is exactly how your worth is measured, however" ?

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