OH: "The most secure thing here at Mozilla, for some reason, is the printer. I can fuck around the office and do whatever. But I can't print."

@spacekookie I swear that's like a universal truth

I tried to help a coworker print yesterday, and watched her reinstall the drivers for the printer and she still couldn't print

@bvtsang @spacekookie
Movie: Office Space. Even after watching it numerous times, I still crack up laughing. At least they got revenge on that one printer, it was brutal.

@spacekookie @Gargron Printers are secure by design.

(Nobody can print. Ever.)

@tewha @spacekookie @Gargron
Yep. The printer in my house is similarly secure half the time.

Occasionally I feel lust for a 3d-printer, but then I remember they are surely even worse.

@addpre @spacekookie @Gargron I can imagine such wonderful pranks for 3d printers.

(I'd put a cw on this if I could figure out what it would be.)

"How do you like your 3d printer?"
"Well, it's nice, except…"
"Except what?"

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