1) this aint real, not only can you see how the background has been digitally painted over but also the crusty text and weird angle its at proves that

2) man this is actually funny and would be funny even if it was real this aint like some twitter "down with the kids" brand shit, itd be a classic bit of tongue in cheek humour

@spacekookie oh also another pointer on 1, theres another image edit using the exact same photo as a base

@spacekookie equally london underground signs seem to have a bit of a history of being edited for comedic purposes snopes.com/fact-

which, considering what its supposedly like there, yeah, honestly not surprised.

@spacekookie @raphael speaking as a london resident this is pretty obviously faked. for one, the typeface is all wrong. all London Underground signage is set in Johnston, whereas this is more generic sans-serif typeface

@spacekookie @radoptimist @raphael
A spectre is haunting the London Underground and faking the signage :-o

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