@CobaltVelvet @patrik I don't think it's this black and white. Yes, Arch is a DYI distro and to some extent there is some manual labour to be expected.

And yea, I totally understand that someone might not want to develop FOSS anymore because everybody just expects you to fix shit with no gratification.

The paragraph doesn't help though. And...documentation is an important part of the process, for any tool.

@CobaltVelvet @patrik For example, I wouldn't call the Arch wiki good docs because it completely overloads new users with so much crap they don't really understand, it's hard to near impossible on some issues to actually figure out what is important and what isn't.

idk, maybe I have the expectation that if you write a tool, you teach people how to use it. This isn't about Arch specifically either, but about any tool.

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