Subscribing to people on is so confusing. I think I might just end up doing it all via RSS feeds...

@spacekookie is it?

You can just put their username/domain in the Mastodon search bar?

@spacekookie oh sorry I misunderstood.

Wow, that seems like a big omission. Maybe a sneaky strategy so people aren't like SUBSCRIBE TO MY CHANNEL in their videos all the time because no one knows how πŸ˜†

@kawaiipunk Yea, it's a bit weird. You can follow channels but not accounts? And when I try to remote follow someone it just...fails so 🀷

It's still in beta

@spacekookie @kawaiipunk so this actually got fixed in a recent release. Channels now have subscribe buttons on the player pages and channel pages, and you can add remote people by looking up their channel URLs / webfinger handles in search.

The UX part of this still needs some love, but it is getting better.

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