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NaNoWriMo 2021 

Are you doing this year? Looking for a friendly Matrix community to hang out with while writing or trying to untangle your plot?

Feel free to join and share:

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New rule: if you @ me with unsolicited sleep advice, you get blocked.

I've been insomniac my entire life and I can't deal with the constant barrage of people having opinions about how my sleep works anymore

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Being a freelancer: you don't have a job but everything you do is work

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Wild how this is gonna be the first time in 2 years that I'm taking time off over Christmas :thaenkin:

A dev watching a user test an application

Operating system idea:


I hear there's quite the buzz

Well that was workshop #1. I really miss doing this in person tbh

What should the domain for the teaching material be? :thaenkin:

Why exactly do people buy Autodesk products when Blender is like... _right there_?

What makes more sense for an high-reliability application?

match {
Some(t) => t.toot().await,
None => warn("No more toots!"),

Oh no, my girlfriend got into MineTest....

I guess I'll see here again in a few weeks

At my last job I had a co-worker who'd ask "what's the food move?" to say "what are we gonna do for lunch", and I've really taken to that

Are you low-key freaking out about omicron? Yeah, me too. Can't we catch a break?


Step one to preventing new, scarier mutant strains is to reduce the number of infected people, which require a mix of ventilation, masking, distancing, and, of course, vaccinations.

These days, the "vaccine controversy" is primarily about vaccine-hesitancy and vaccine denial - that is, about people who can get the vaccine but choose not to.


Spring powered watches are too intricate for the Swiss to have developed on their own, they must have had guidance from aliens

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