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Follow my new peertube channel (still confused why that has to be different from my account ๐Ÿค”): @videokookie.

I uploaded the talk I gave in Denver and I'll see if I can get permission from other corferences to mirror my talks there:

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We (the project) just released the first version of Ratman: a modular, decentralised, userspace packet router, written in ! โœจ



Ratman can build circuits between devices on a decentralised network, advertising payloads, or sending unicast messages, all while making no assumption about the carrier network. This way changing transmission channels (roaming) is easy and built into the core architecture.

if you support digital piracy but not high-seas piracy youโ€™re not a radical youโ€™re just a pampered hipster millennial, donโ€™t @ me

I propose that we pronounce LGBT as "algae bluetooth". Thank you for your consideration. I am not taking comments at this time.

In short, the goal of the rent strike isn't to "hurt grandma"; mortgage payers already have lots of protections. The goal of the rent strike is to demand, collectively as renters, that we want rent cancellation during the crisis when we can't work.

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Spectrum LIVE! Open rtmp:// in VLC to tune in. :)

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was wondering when someone would respond to this shit-tier meme

#ObjektNummer2 Danke an die Produktion fรผr dieses groรŸartige Video und den Hotelrundgang #besetzenLive

"We are self-determined Berliners, who will no longer accept the stupidity of empty houses, poverty, evictions and lack of space to live in." - @besetzen

Yesterday they started a new campaign and occupied so far 12 new houses/flats.

...pointing out the absurtity of the "stay at home demand" for homeless people, and at the same be practical and take what it needs if your homeless:

a new home.

Against the city of the rich!
#besetzen #squatting #coronacrisis

Had weird dreams where people tried to talk to me in Russian so I feel that's a sign that I should practise a bit ๐Ÿ˜…

I wish I could filter posts with that fucking meme about "radical anarchists" ๐Ÿ™„


I didn't put my clock forward because I'm not a time cuck, also good morning

It's 2020 and if being horny on main is what helps me cope, then so be it :v

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