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Just because I've been brainstorming for yet another story idea, ignoring my finished book in editing and my half written project from 2017 😅

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Game devs need unions because no politician will ever make “hiring someone, relocating them across the country, then laying them off a week later” a fucking crime.

== Quoted ==

- There are people who started at Telltale as recently as a week ago.

- Some of those people have children.

- At least one of them relocated cross country

- A lot of the Telltale devs have families & children. And now they don't have a paycheck. Not even a severance paycheck.

"Die Katze wurde schnell und in einem sicheren Karton verpackt geliefert. 5 Sterne, gerne wieder!"

I guess I'll have to flip a coin later to see if I'll spend my evening programming or working on my novel 🤔

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH this article gave me anxiety (I mean more than usual)
who the Fuckin'hell thought that was a good idea !

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need a distraction so: boost this & i'll handwrite one of your toots.

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Call for speakers! Two open spots left for our MeetUp in two weeks: Rust and Tell: All about the Web.

(Note from me: if you want to come, don't be shy and submit a talk. We're really nice and we'll help you with talk practise if you want ❤️)

I unscrewed the arm-rests from my desk chair because I've wanted to remove them for a while.

Not 10 seconds later I tried to push myself up on them 😅

This is gonna take some getting used to

People keep telling me how alternative keyboard layouts (dvorak, colemak, workman, ...) made them much faster typers....

Seeing as on my QWERTZ layout I already type much faster than the average typer, I'm wondering if I have anything to gain from adopting a layout like that.

And if it'll actually be worth the hassle now to learn it. Thoughts?

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