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welp, I just sat down in front of my desktop all ready to work on my orbital mechanics library before I realised that rustc is broken and I can't rebuild my system because nixos-unstable builds have been broken for me for weeks 😭

suckl€ss, pol, far right 

why the fuck do I argue with people about suckless on here.

either you understand that many of the things they do put them in league with Neonazis...or you don't.

either you understand that their shaving their heads and making t-shirts that say "SCK LES" in the style of Neonazi "HKN KRZ" Hakenkreuz=Swastika) T-Shirts makes them look like Neonazis........or you don't.

I know good people use their software and don't think less of them for it.

but y'all. Neonazis.

I know this milieu better than most. I studied political science in Austria for four years. I focused on the far right. before that, I studied Central European history from 1618-1945. I know this shit. I've spoken in depth to Neonazis.

If y'all want to shitpost about something. find another topic, JFC. if you're fuckin' serious, go to hell.

suckless t-shirts:

Hakenkreuz T-Shirts:

see also:

Wait, so what's the point of the Atomic crate if the impl for <T> depends on T: Copy anyway?!

'you're valid' can be an empowering thing to hear in some contexts, but instead it gets turned into an axiom. identity is treated as an unanalysable, unambiguous, and ahistorical true essence, and 'validness' used as a wall to prevent any inspection or critique of it

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hmm to stream or not to stream πŸ€”

I'm finishing up on my PC rebuild and I'm totying with the idea of Steaming it. After all it's also the machine I usually use for Steaming so it might be interesting to see it being rebuild.

Intrusive thoughts 

Important reminder that you are not your intrusive thoughts

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hmm today i will use my queerness as a way of never ever confronting my whiteness. surely this will go over well

the pattern: white person discovers one (1) form of oppression that applies to them, decides that's the only form of oppression in the world, and backflips from there to enforcing every other type of oppression they can get their hands on. terfs do it, 'class only' leftists do it, and a certain segment of white queers sure seem to love it as well

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white queers are out of control on here and honestly so fucking many of you just think you can say whatever the fuck you want like being lgbtq absolves you of wrongdoings and makes you right about anything

I don't know what happened this time but it is always something and I want y'all to stop please. Or get your non black friends to stop. Or something

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Stop being shitty to black folks on here. If you see other folks being shitty stop them. I like having other black folks here and I guess you think I'm one of the good ones or whatever because I don't get the same shit so please extend that courtesy to the others too?

Look you know how great black Twitter is? If your better to black folks here you could get a black mastodon to culture vulture from wouldn't that be neat?

Stop it!

for just 0 dollars a day

you too can shut the hell up

and choose to not be racist :sparkling_heart_black_trans:

You stand accused of being super gay and valid.

How plead you?

hey if anyone wants some honey in #berlin we have A Lot. beefriendly, small-scale and sustainable/organic, all that jazz.

friendship discount for anyone who hits me up onhere and if ur poor and trans u can have it for free.

pls boost etc.

@spacekookie how dare you educate me in a fun and engaging way. ;.;

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