I don't know much about the situation and it's very complicated. See on the one hand I think he's been very very abusive consistently over a number of years, but on the other hand I'm a huge pickme and I find her cringe for reasons that I REFUSE to examine

*tearfully accepting an award for fattest ass* I'd like to thank the dolls, obviously, my friend who showed me how to inject myself, my 16 kilo kettle bell, that one pharmacist in Vanuatu iykyk, and my ancient scythian sisters. I couldn't have done it without all of you

stonergirl sherlock holmes b like "this is a three bong problem"

whats that thing called where none of the good slime is in your brain any more and you cant feel any good feelings? I think I have that

I'm waiting for the laser-zapped follicles to push out of my skin after my first session yesterday, have been forbidden from shaving or taking hot showers for 48 hours and feel like a cave troll, please ignore my extremely bitter posting

it's not their fault at all but I will shit myself inside out if I see another doll posting like this while I'm painstakingly trying to reclaim millimeters of hairline. so I'm going to invent the femboy-blocker extension so I never see them again. farewell femboys

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as someone who hit puberty incredibly hard and was bald and bearded by 20, I need to take out a restraining order on any transfem who is petite and passing enough to post shit like "teehee im a cute boy haha"

Bring back cool handshakes, I just saw two guys leaving the office bump and click and point at each other as they went their separate ways and I would have let either or both of them fuck me silly

Also I think I might get air conditioning for the house. Since we work from home it honestly could be worth it but I know it'll be expensive

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Quite aware im going to just be a permanent sweaty mess as the weather gets hotter, trying to lean into it somehow fashionwise but it's hard. Bikini tops, jeanshorts and light flowy crop shirts are gonna be my default mode I think

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Red Planet stream for Trans Power, May 20th - 22nd.

4 channels, 3 days, 3 funds to help trans kids in the US & UK. Guests, games, goals (will Muel shave his beard? o.0) and a whole lot of trans kids for us to fight for.

So: Are you a bad enough dude?

🐦🔗: twitter.com/sophie_frm_mars/st

When men have sex with men it's like they're working on a project together and when women have sex with women it's like one is playing a prank on the other

Just watched But I'm A Cheerleader again, it's a new fav I think

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