So is a really dope roguelike and you should definitely check it out. <3


Why is it 'blueberry' and 'blackberry' but not 'redberry' (strawberry) and 'pinkberry' (raspberry)?

So girlfriend has been wanting to get more into and I realized that I have been neglecting my Nintendo 3DS because I'm all up in my Switch.

So I'm gifting her all my old games. She has so much to look forward to.


These games are simple in that they're very self-contained and you do the same things in a loop, and they're easy to conceptualize.

I like that I can enter these worlds and know what to expect, the rules are determined.

There must be something about getting old and appreciating things that you never would have previously.

I'm always interested in and I find myself gravitating towards games that have simple mechanics and repetitiveness.

Roguelikes are so my brand of gaming now. Games like: Downwell, Darkest Dungeon, Binding of Isaac, Into the Breach, Enter the Gungeon, Dead Cells.

I'm really loving how a game I had purchased and forgotten about from a year ago is now something I'm diving head first into. is this lovely shiny thing and it's surprised me with its complexity and I'm truly enjoying my time with it.

It's longjohn weather, bust out that long-underwear and layer up. It's fucking cold out.

Seriously, I haven't been this charmed by a game's aesthetic and gameplay since I played

This story is so bizarre and yet the platforming and shooting/puzzle mechanics are tight and make sense.


Playing a game (is it a roguelike OF COURSE IT IS) called , it's like if Spelunky and Binding of Isaac had a weird child that was super into painting. Definitely scratches that replayability itch. It's a little bit obtuse in it's story but I'm learning to read it's language.

There's also something super biological about , the art style is so fluid and it feels like I'm cellular in a way.

Actually now that I think about it, is more Spelunky and Risk of Rain with a dash of Binding of Isaac.

Taking a break from Ikaruga. I'm not good at it but I'll be damned if I'm not having the time of my life playing it.

Listening to some James Blake ot calm down a bit.

Picking up a Flip Grip for my Nintendo Switch. Now I can play in style.

Oxford scientists successfully recreated a "Draupner wave" in the lab

The new James Blake album Assume Form is pretty dope. Definitely worth a listen.

Oh this is cool, we have an update to how everything looks. Huzzah.

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