The extent to which laserdiscs just look like comically oversized CDs is great

I kind of love it when an older game that you bounce off of finally starts to click, and that's finally starting to happen with Slay the Spire. I've always enjoyed playing the game but the meta of it never clicked and I wouldn't get far beyond boss 1 or 2, but now I'm creating decks that are letting me advance and I'm understanding various synergies of relic. Similar to Binding of Isaac, once that idea is unlocked, the game just becomes something else. It's beautiful when that happens.

I enjoy the Silent the most, going all in on shivs or poison decks has been my focus and I'm getting better. Consistently getting to the third boss but dying there. So still have some work to do.

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Slay the Spire is a game I enjoy but am not good at. But I'm getting better thanks to my wife (she's almost 1000% the game with only a few ascensions left for each character), so I'm loving that I get to learn from a pro who understands the meta.

I know the ins and outs of a roguelike/lite but until you sort of "unlock" that meta and see through the game to the numbers, it still feels a bit obtuse.

after an hour of technical investigation, i can only conclude that at LEAST one of the following is true

1) the internet is bad
2) my ISP is bad
3) my internet connection is bad
4) my router is bad
5) my network adapter is bad
6) my computer is bad
7) I'm bad

I always find it fascinating how my overall general mood dictates the type of gaming I engage in.

Whenever I'm stressed, I fall back on comfort games like The Binding of Isaac or Slay the Spire.

Lately, I've always gotten back into Assassin's Creed: Origins b/c it's basically a number generator (mind you aren't all games this, click or push this to make the numbers go up).

I just need games that let me not think b/c *gestures at everything*

Of course as soon as I say that, it immediately starts loading fine. lol

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Is it just me or is Masto loading slow? Not having this issue on my other tabs and have tested in different browsers.

Today's video game mood is: reinstalling Uncharted 4 because I love the world in which Nathan Drake inhabits even as I kind of hate everything Nathan Drake represents (white mediocrity, colonialism, looting of artefacts, etc).

But it's also a thing of nostalgia and it's like a cheese Indiana Jones film that you're in control of and there's something so satisfying about running and jumping and the chase sequences.

Ugh, I forget who said it, all your faves are problematic, I feel that.

Turns out there were TWO other titles, French & Italian, from developer: EMI / Longman Group

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Went down a reddit rabbit hole and this was the inciting action.

Learning that there was a catridge for "Conversational German" on Atari is blowing my mind. Didn't know they had this kind of content.

Can see the entire game here:

Also, you can murder someone with a banana while dressed up like a clown. I mean, it doesn't get any better than that.

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The locations are beautiful and a delight to explore: a modern home located by the sea, an F1 racing event in Miami, an Italian villa, the slums of Mumbai.

The other thing I love is that if you own the previous two games, you can launch them inside of the third game so that it's this lovely menu of murder and assassination, you can go in and out of the story (out of order, spoilers-be-damned). It's a game I think everyone should play.

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