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Any artist/musician that can rhyme decepticon with emoticon is alright by me.

Because it's been a rough January and February thus far and I'm wanting to post about happy and light-hearted things.

I think tonight's post will be about cookies.


Alright, I'm in bed reading some Joe Abercrombie the rest of the night. Later friends.

OMG!? People are either going to love me or hate me.



I've been stress-reading. Lots of fantasy novels because it's nice to just slip into another universe for a bit.

Looking forward to the end of this week.

Joel McHale Show on @Netflix is basically Talk Soup.



Made a post about Bayonetta. An obviously problematic video game. I wish it weren't such a great game to play because it has a disgustingly high amount of misogyny baked in.

A very interesting discussion is taking place regarding our responsibilities as gamers, how we vote with our dollar$ and the types of games we "enjoy".

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media newspaper nazis altright whitenationalism newyorktimes Show more

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