🎁 Hello Everyone! 🎁

We'll be doing Mastodon Secret Sneepsnop yet again this year!

The Secret Sneepsnop is like Secret Santa except it's a Sneepsnop! It's an entirely digital gift exchange for the winter season~

More details to follow, Stay tuned!

⚠️ Please note: This year the Sneepsnop (and therefore this account) is being run by @SuricrasiaOnline!

❗Sneepsnop Registrations are now open! They will close on the 15th!❗

Use the following internet website to submit your information for this year's Secret Sneepsnop!


Most, if not all of the information is on that page, but I will also be posting it this thread!

❄️ Exciting! ❄️


Do to limitations with automatic email links, you now need to copy the generated body text to your email client. it will no longer copy it for you. If you're just reading the instructions now, don't worry, they should now be all up to date! Sorry about that!

Please let me know if you can't get the email generator to work, or the instructions are confusing. I want everyone who wants to participate to be able to!

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