🎁 Hello Everyone! 🎁

We'll be doing Mastodon Secret Sneepsnop yet again this year!

The Secret Sneepsnop is like Secret Santa except it's a Sneepsnop! It's an entirely digital gift exchange for the winter season~

More details to follow, Stay tuned!

⚠️ Please note: This year the Sneepsnop (and therefore this account) is being run by @SuricrasiaOnline!

❗Sneepsnop Registrations are now open! They will close on the 15th!❗

Use the following internet website to submit your information for this year's Secret Sneepsnop!


Most, if not all of the information is on that page, but I will also be posting it this thread!

❄️ Exciting! ❄️


πŸ“† The Timeline: πŸ•‘

πŸ“– December 5th 2018: Registrations open!

πŸ“’ December 15th 2018: Registrations close!

πŸ“¬ December 16th 2018:
Assignment emails are sent out, letting every Sneepsnopper what their Sneepsnopee is in the form of their Mastodon handle!

🎁 December 28th 2018:
Soft due date for gifts. Send your Sneepsnopee their gift over Mastodon!

⚠️ January 4th 2018:
End of grace period for giftgiving! Anyone who hasn't gifted by this point is subject to be banned from next year's Sneepsnop

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