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According to my records, everyone should have gotten their sneepsnop gift by now! If you haven't, let me know!!

Hey! Can I get two volunteers to make gifts for two of the participants whose Sneepsnopers flaked? First two to respond get the job!

For @zephasaurus_hex , my Sneepsnop gift is zines by , a tarot reading, and 10 bucks sent wherever you want. Happy Sneepsnop!

Just sent out the notice email. Also: if you still haven't received your gift yet, please let me know.

Hey everyone. I'll be sending out final warning emails tomorrow to those who have missed the hard deadline. If they can't get a gift sent out within the next few days, then I will call on those who voulenteered to fill in for the flakes.


Happy Sneepsnop! Sorry it took so long for me to get this to you, but I hope you enjoy it! Just a silly little video.

Today is the hard deadline for Sneepsnop!!!! Please send your gifts and let me know that you sent them as a reply to the mass email I sent out!!!

Tomorrow is the *HARD DEADLINE* for sneepsnop! Please send your gifts ASAP!!

@Nezchan Your #Sneepsnoop gift is a three-kiloword story with a little bit of associated art, about a witch and the daily portents dice roll, and keeping her belle safe from the bad future. It's somewhere at the intersection of scifi and magical realism, in the grey areas of Clarke's Third Law.

Ahhhh I almost missed my #SneepSnop #SneepSnop2k18 gift! Check out this cool online d20 roller that @bpchen made featuring me!

I didn't know we were supposed to make public delivery posts and not arrival posts like last year. Sorry. So, for everybody else who don't want to click through: for this year I made a customizable little… desktop toy? screensaver? thing? It has a cat. I recommend the standalone version since it's better quality, has input configuration, and can run in the background.

Sneepsnop! Hello! I am your Sneepsnopper! I am sorry it's so late! Among other things, you said you like cats and cozy things, so here's what I came up with:

I just sent out an email to all the Sneepsnoppers! Please check your email / your spam folder!

Merry #Sneepsnop2k18, @prophet_goddess !

Since you liked the illustration for Insomnia from Wikipedia/the Tacuinum Sanitatis (and because Doing Weird Stuff To Olde Art™ is very much my thing) I made you a thing:

It's a layouted file for printing a special glitchy insomnia menko origami envelope. (Also the scribus sources if you wanna play with it.)

For , @pixelpaperyarn gave me a new (purple!) avatar, a new (purple!) header, a collection of meditation MP3's, a collection of short stories from a magazine she runs, AND a gift code for Hidden Folks. Wow!! Thank you so much!

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