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Admin of this account is the Sneepsnop Coordinator @shel

Day six ideas:

• Markov bot/_ebooks account running off their posts
• Tracery bot that generates stuff they like
• make a parody account and fill it with good humor posts they would like and then finish off some mysterious plotline and reveal it to be a gift for them on the 21st

It's Day 6!! Of !!!

What if you mashed up their two fave songs?
What if you collaged all of the features of their face onto various foods they like to eat?
Buy them an ebook of a cookbook they might like?
Legally purchase a digital copy of a movie they would like? (I guess?)

Still figuring out today's gift suggestions but please don't turn to crust puff songs for inspiration thousands of birds and servants are not appropriate gifts for sneepsnop.

BTW how is everyone doing? Everyone got their assignment? If you’re struggling with ideas or think you can’t follow through feel free to get in touch by DMing here or emailing and I can look at their profile and try to help. (Unless you’re Shel’s sneepsnop cuz I can’t help you pick out ideas for myself without spoiling the game. Whooops.)

I’ve got five days to go to keep rolling out these suggestions golly gosh it’s gonna get weirder and weirder from here on out folks

Day five of sneepsnop and today’s suggestion is: Arts & Crafts!

• Draw their Fursona/OC/Face
• Commission a drawing of their Fursona
• Buy them a knitting/crochet/weaving/felting/other crafting pattern off Etsy
• Design for them a crafting pattern !! (Make sure you know your sneepsnop does a craft before getting them a pattern)
• Make a small digital art toy or a script that procedure generates images based on the text of their toots (idfk get weird with it)
• Windows Paint 3D Masterpiece????


• Buy them an ebook or audiobook, perhaps a kitschy "so bad it's good" self-published piece or a poetry chapbook
• Record an audio reading of a short story or poem
• Write a short story or poem about stuff that excites your sneepsnopee
• An ebook version of an indie tabletop RPG campaign or system. (Monster Hearts anyone?)
• Compile their Best Posts into a PDF printable pamphlet so they can keep their Art on their coffee table

Hey all I'm seeing complaints about being assigned to people with only private posts

If all of your posts are private it's hard to figure out what you like :(

My suggestion: intentionally make some unlisted or public posts about things you like?? Maybe an introductions post? Just to make it easier on your Sneepsnop. Ty!! <3

🎵On the third day of Sneepsnop the Snelephant suggested to me🎶

Today's gift ideas: Games!

1. Make a short Twine story for your Sneepsnopee
2. Make a funky game zine in pico-8 or some other method.
3. Get them a small game from, Humble, GOG, or Steam
4. If your sneepsnopee is a fan of puzzles, why not make a collection of picross and crossword puzzles involving things pertaining to their interests (Whats an 11 letter word for the class of workers who do not own the means of production?)

Heeeey happy Day 2(ish) of !!

Today’s gift idea is: ZINES!!

⭐️ Make a zine of stuff you think your sneepsnopee will enjoy! Compile pictures, writing, collage. Maybe mix in some stuff you think is cool and have an exchange of interests!
✨Find a zine you think they would like on gumroad and gift them a download code! Even if the zine is free gumroad let’s you tip the creator so it’s basically like buying a gift right?

It seeeeems like everything is going OK now? Yay?

@sneepsnop Hooray! When you get back, might be worth reminding all snopsneeps that now would be a great time, if they haven't already, to update and pin their hashtag introductions post listing all the cool things they like, for to be giving the sneepsnops ideas to play with! (And if they recently moved accounts, what their old account was to also mine for ideas.)

I'm gonna log off for a bit plz DM me if you need me i'm gonna go work on my gift for my own sneepsnopee :3c

also in the end i didn't get spoiled on who got assigned to me

Do check your spam folders still!!! cuz I TOTALLY did spam you

The assignment emails say they're from Shel R. not from Sneepsnop Snelephant but you all knew my True Identity anyway so whatever


haha whoops these are sending from my embarassing email from when I was 12 that's attached attached to my google account. so much for being all professional and sending from but i guess with these technical difficulties that ship has sailed

i'm gonna resolve these technicaly difficulties if it takes all day!