Hi, I’m a white college educated male, and I wanna say something controversial. The most vibrant genre of music out there right now? I think it’s rap. I know, wild, but those kids on the streets are doing something real. Now I’m not saying I’m a *hero* for expressing this, but, you know,

Like, you know what? I think that what, say, MF Doom says on albums like the classic Madvilliany constitutes, dare I say it, poetry. And since I discovered it I find it very important to tell others that I listen to Doom and am therefore not cancelled. I’m

I mean, I used to think that all rap was vapid pap, and then along came a rapper that I could relate to, who raps about real issues like cereal brands and Saturday Morning Cartoons. Now that rap appeals to serious intellectuals like me, I can listen to it and feel good that I’m listening to Smart People Music and, most importantly, tell other people about how I like it and how youth culture like MM FOOD is a valid thing to consume and, dare I say it, it’s just like bebop jazz (shocking, I know)

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