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when im feeling happy i emit the tinkly star noise from mario galaxy

whatever you do don't fucking dare think about how you can build buildings in particular locations and arrangements so as to alter the speed of the wind down the road to make one tiny pinwheel spin

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i love how tutorials in mother 3 are completely diegetic - “to run, try to imagine something called a b button...”

Yo Nirvano
Tú Nirvanas
Ella Nirvana
Nosotros Nirvanamos
Ustedes Nirvanan

RIP Charles Bradley, wow what a man. i’m watching a live show of his rn, he’s definitely been there for me over the last handful of years of my life

I have now read 11 pages of a discword novel, so I feel qualified to say that I'm starting to like this man's sentences

someone: blah blah blah private instance blah blah whatever nobody cares

my brain: #np

me: ... 🤦‍♀️

Speaking of: who designed crazy frog and why does he have a penis.

@smudgehell mayonnaise coloured benz i push miracle whips

“theres got to be at least 1 cryptworlds fan on this network, yall some weird motherfuckers. anyone?” ...and tips their hat.

having gotten to the point in the night where i feel like nobody cares what i have to say, i will reclude(?) to my room and fuck up some toots

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