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when im feeling happy i emit the tinkly star noise from mario galaxy

how many yall feeling longing tonight. how many of my motherfucking followers are pining hard rn lmk

i cant believe Party City Sora Costume Smolder Model used his keyblade to destroy twitter #TwitterIsDownParty

why did enby people move Out West in 1849? 

think im gonna roll the dice and take accutane. looking forward to becoming a spotless being of light in 6 months

Cursed phrase 

@smudgehell mght have been me but prolly not. Great group. I love people who eat people and their other albums a lot

Updating my resume: I am an expert in HTML.


i used to use snapchat all the time, its such a useful app for interfacing with your friends, but i havent used it in months because you pretty much have to take pictures of your face. thats a no go for me

having a really bad skin week, the worst of my life so far. i think my life would be so much easier if i had an iota of linear progress vis-á-vis my acne

andrew jackson jihad speaks to me. i think someone on this platform introduced me and id like to thank them, whomever they may be

from hellsite 

jules’ weekly Bad Vibe award goes to mobile website interfaces that lack certain features and force you to request desktop site to solve issues

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