Public transport is even better. Cars are nit the solution to future mobility .

@Natanox @tard @slartibartfast Not when you can’t see the train (that isn’t mentioned in the image description) in the pictures.

@lilletale @Natanox @tard @slartibartfast It is in the image description tho, the last line is "All pictures are of subways instead of cars"

I know because I was wondering how you would translate this joke to an image description, and I think that's a pretty good way!

@cincodenada @lilletale @Natanox @tard @slartibartfast i explained it to my fiancee by reading the captions and saying "and the image is of X on a subway" for each one
I feel like its weird to leave it till the last line bc those of us who can see the pictures can see that they're pictures of a subway before we're done reading all of the image

@raphaelmorgan @slartibartfast Ah, but that loses out on my favorite part of the joke! When I read it I wasn't paying that much attention to the images because illustrations like this usually don't really add information, so it wasn't until the third image that I went "hey, wait a minute..." and looked at the fourth, then back at the first two. And judging by the responses I'm not the only one, plenty of people missed it altogether! Explicitly calling out that it's a subway every time loses that part of the joke.

I might be reading into it, but for me at least the images definitely get progressively more obviously-subway at a glance when read RTL, the first two are easily parseable as car-tunnels if you aren't looking too close, whereas the fourth is obviously a train.

It's the double-take element that I enjoyed most about this - otherwise it's just variations of the same joke told four times, which is good, but not quite as good as not realizing the joke until halfway through.

@raphaelmorgan @slartibartfast Obviously I've way overthought this 😅 But for a text description, between the options of showing your hand after each image, and withholding the joke until the end, I think the latter comes closer to the original.

I did consider how you might get closer - maybe image descriptions that reference trains obliquely at first, then more obviously? Off the cuff, perhaps:

"A view down a tunnel, with people walking and an overhead sign. A yellow line is visible along the left side of the floor."

"Two people chatting, with one person sitting in front of a rectangular panel, looking at the second person who is laughing"

"Another tunnel with people and an overhead LED arrival sign. On the right is a long metal panel windows and metal sliding doors. A person in a wheelchair waits on the platform for the doors to open."

"A view downward on a pair of rusty iron couplers joined together. Below them are the ubiquitous railroad ties and metal tracks for a train."

There's places with self driving cars. Seen them in copenhagen and in some airports.

@slartibartfast for self driving cars to fully work cars need to be connected to some shared network that communicate across different manufactures, just like how planes work. Until that happens this is just "incomplete autopilot"

@slartibartfast Hahaha took me until the third photo to clue in on the joke. To the other replies that made to to my instance: look closer, I think you might find you agree more with this meme than you think 😂

@slartibartfast *Gilfoyle voice*: "Kinda like that one?"

Also yes, self-driving cars already exist, but not as a consumer-purchaseable product!


Un'industria non impone un monopolio radicale a tutta una società per la semplice scarsità dei beni che produce o perché elimina dal mercato la concorrenza, bensì grazie alla capacità che possiede di creare e plasmare un bisogno che essa soltanto è in grado di soddisfare.

In tutta l'America Latina le scarpe sono rare, e molti non le portano mai: camminano a piedi nudi o calzano il più vasto assortimento di ottimi sandali che esista al mondo
Ivan Illich


You mean Choochoo trains? 🚂🚂🚂🚂🚂🚂?
Like in the Wild West?

@freeplay @Karen5Lund @slartibartfast oh nooo
Now I wanna know if it shows up in the HTML on your end but it's too late to conveniently ask you to check (especially bc you might be on an app or smthn idk)

@freeplay @Karen5Lund @slartibartfast oh no! Well there's the other reason the fact that the images are of subways shouldn't have been left to the end, but also what the fuck misskey???

@slartibartfast If accessibility is properly given. Often it is not and that is a big problem.

@slartibartfast Yes. However, when driving in cities, your speed will be much slower. Any pedestrian knows that automatic cars stop when humans are on the road. So they'll cross the street anywhere, slowing down automatic car traffic.

@x_cli @slartibartfast Oh yeah, I missed it. 🤦‍♂️
I thought the visuals were chosen because we don't have them for automatic cars yet. Thanks for the clarification! 😉


@slartibartfast I've seen people actually defending self driving cars non ironically.

@slartibartfast Excellent!

I prefer buses (if the traffic isn't bad, or where real bus lanes exist) and above-gound trains for the view, but everything you wrote about subways is true.

@slartibartfast hahaha nicely done :) I want to reblog this to the bird site

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