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Pinned oot is great for looking up information about Reddit users, but it seems to be incapable of detecting sarcasm

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Issuing urgent correction to a previous post of mine regarding the NRA lobbying group. The NRA does NOT exist, and if it did, it would have no influence on politics whatsoever. I sincerely apologize for my deeply hurtful and offensive comments suggesting otherwise.

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Here's another good reason to keep things on your own domain.
It makes it *much* easier to see where you've been quoted & shared.
For example, reddit lets you see which subreddits have posted your content.

Abolish homework

Society has progressed past the need for homework

Evo Morales was cancelled by the woke mob in Washington DC

mathematicians trying to work out what the limit of f of x approaches while i'm approaching their mum's pussy lol

pete buttigieg fursona changed wildly after original focus group suggestion (dog who enlisted after 9/11 because patriotism) goes over poorly

karl marx was simply a messy bitch who lived for drama. "here's 400 pages on why stirner sucked shit, its more than double the sum total stirner published in his life, yes"

i think the weirdness of the slippery slope theory of society falling apart if you accept X.. is that we all know humans trend towards blandness.

The world doesn't die in a homosexual apocapylse. You just get gay republicans with 2.4 children.

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