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Pinned oot is great for looking up information about Reddit users, but it seems to be incapable of detecting sarcasm

i clicked on a cw that said :thanos: πŸ† and it was a picture of some purple man with his dick out. every day this happens

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my followers are as smart as medieval people and are ruled by me thru a strict religious code

Honestly the best female character design I've ever seen is from a Valve concept artists pitch to add female characters to TF2 that never ended up being added.

They're just... They're not afraid to play around with body sizes and they're not weirdly sexual, any of them. It's just fun character design and I love it

Every time I bring up Windows in a VM I think to myself "there are millions of users to use this OS in order to be productive" and every time I use it I think "how?"

In retrospect, it may be telling that Rowling's fantasy sport is basically just polo but there's one thing the goodest trust fund boy with the expensive broom can do to instantly win the game.

the prophets from halo are canonically horny sex freaks. they fuck

lol, this 11th century arabic medical text says "he who does not take pleasure with women and instead takes pleasure with men, he should suspect something in himself"

Daring Provocateur Aligns Themselves With Dominant Social Structures

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one thing i like to do is describe racists as 'edgy' and 'provoking'

Dumpling Poll 

Which preparation of dumplings do you prefer (cooking methods; I don't have nearly enough options to do actual types of dumplings)

Also I know there are baked dumplings but...I'm outta poll options and I feel like they're less common so <.<;; Skipped

chauvin trial, uspol 

Guilty on all counts. Going to jail immediately!

β€œrepublicans don’t actually want power they’re just running a fundraising con” wrong party, liberals

abraham: do you inflate me, making me big and round?'

sampson: i do inflate, sir

abraham: do you inflate me, making me big and round?

sampson: is the law on our side, if i say 'uwu'?

gregory: nay

sampson: no, sir, i do not inflate you, making you big and round, but i inflate, sir

@feld the employment contract also stipulates that they own anything and everything you design or think up away from the office in your personal time.

The main takeaway from Jordan Peterson's lesson about lobsters is that lobsters are assholes and deserve to be eaten.

"In the future everyone will be famous for fifteen minutes", Mr. Warhol you are like little baby with your adorable toy 20th century notion of fame, we all get 48 hours where a billion people love or despise you and tell all their friends about you at once and it will be like doing an arm-long line of coke while shanking yourself in the spine with an epipen while the Sauron's Eye of global celebrity reduces you to a Vice article, a knowyourmeme page and a smoking crater where your identity was.

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