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Pinned oot is great for looking up information about Reddit users, but it seems to be incapable of detecting sarcasm

churches are based on the model of late roman public buildings. therefore it's cultural appropriation for non-italians to build them

in ancient times shamans used to have to take psychedelics without even a music visualiser or some crayons

C++, a language where you can write nonsense like `&(*value)`

i have never once seen a 'marx didn't account for peepee poopoo and that's why communism won't work' take that wasn't entirely grounded in complete dog-level misrepresentations of what marx said

telling random women to "smile less" as an act of radical allyship

guy who gets paid 10 million dollars to say whatever bullshit he wants on a huge platform: i am being silenced!

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nobody's brains have rotted faster in the last 5 years than stand up comedians

"daytime" is a bourgeois construct meant to keep us chained to the capitalist mode of production. it's no coincidence that circadian and capital both start with c. you can go to bed anytime you like no matter what mom and dad tells you #theory #communism

Do not buy NFT made with my art.
Do not make NFT with my Creative-Commons artworks.
If you respect my art, remember and apply this.

Here is my article about what just happened:

#NFT #NFTCommunity

"Congratulations to drugs for winning the war on drugs." is going to be something i say obnoxiously too many times for the next five years, i can feel it

Long Poll Do Not Enter 

What's your fave pokemon?

Is 20 years enough time to wait before making jokes about a tragedy or can I start making jokes about my birth now?

Pretending to forget about 9/11 is hands-down the funniest 9/11 joke.

If I woke up and found a severed horse's head lying next to me, I'd simply be pleased someone had rid that beast of its sinful life

i have just discovered the concept of solipsism and i am afraid to inform you all, none of you are conscious human beings

covid, uspol, 9/11 and such 

for two decades we've been told we have to treat 9/11 as sacred because "so many Americans died"

but 659K Americans have died of covid so far and we're averaging 1500 a day right now and the same people and the same media are like "meh"

almost like they don't really care about american deaths so much as they care about fear-mongering about foreigners

just saying

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