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what the hell, why not? reply with a number and I'll answer (got this from @deme)

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This website is doing great work exposing members of the white nationalist group Identity Evropa. If you have time, be sure to send some strongly-worded letters to their employers.

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This is from the time I single-handedly cancelled Jordan Peterson :peterson:

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A movement that relies on the spectacle of mass arrest as a public opinion influencer  and expects it’s participants to show their face, give their name and willingly be arrested, is a movement that is asking complete self-sacrifice.
The legal consequences of an arrest can ruin your life for a long time and losing your anonimity can seriously limit all activism that you can do in the future. Creating change is important, but it’s work you’ll do for a long time.

(Copied from queeranarchism on tunglbr)
A public arrest is a bad place to start your activism.

If you are young or inexperienced and want to start doing activism, it’s a very good idea not to start with any movement focussed on big public arrests and non-violent civil disobedience without anonymity, such as Extinction Rebellion. 
These public β€˜non-violent’ actions may seem safer than anarchist groups dressed in black balaclavas, but the opposite is true. 

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The fact that #LesMis did so well in theaters recently, and is a mainstay in high school libraries, despite the modern political climate, shows you how incredibly dense Americans are. The antagonists include a cop and a landlord. The protagonists include a prostitute, a criminal on the run, and a bunch of literal revolutionaries, all of whom are or have been poor. And they literally fucking wave red flags

But it's not set in Russia so I don't see anything strange Β―\_(ツ)_/Β―

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Phone sex except we role play going to eat pizza together and cuddling

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