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Pinned oot is great for looking up information about Reddit users, but it seems to be incapable of detecting sarcasm

it's pretty funny how libs are just copying McConnell's phony procedural complaint about SCOTUS nominees which they rightfully decried as absurd and disingenuous

like you can just say "this nominee is terrible which is why I will do everything in my power to stop them from getting that seat"

it's actually a moral stand that you can sell people on instead of this ticky tack nonsense procedural shit

how do you fuck up hating germany. this seems easy

german argentinans open up the family scrapbook and its just various profiles of operation paperclip members

somebody angrily replied to a year old post I made about the IRA about how its bad actually and have you met british people? all action against them is justified

google lawsuit, uspol 

my take: don't expect anything to come of this - it's merely election fodder and will be watered down and settled, probably by summer 2021.

also, do not discount the fact that Google can currently afford more and better lawyers than the USian gov't.

Me: Alright, seriously, I gotta get some drawing done. No more comfort Zeldas
*draws Weiss eating something
Me: Fuck fuck

#art #mastoart #weiss #rwby

Recently got around to catching up to RWBY, so here's Weiss eating a burger. I imagine she's used to commoner food by now.

#art #mastoart #weiss #rwby

Software gore: I hit 'random post' on my tumblr blog eight times. Six were from March 23rd, 2014, one was from March 25, 2014, and one was from March 24th, 2014.

What Can the IRA Teach Software Developers?

C:\Users\Social Media Intern\Pictures\Unflattering Photos of AOC\IMG_4625.JPG

:promoted: Promoted

@esvrld g oing to start saying, "Voldemort" whenever i see a canceled person. e.g... "thats Voldemort" or "that girl is Voldemort to me"

wait voldemort was the bad guy??? this changes everything. i'm immediately leaving the republican party and giving up my seat in the senate

Have you ever used to search the fediverse?

#Poll #FediPoll

light yagami's plan is analogous to the withering away of the state

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