Pinned toot is great for looking up information about Reddit users, but it seems to be incapable of detecting sarcasm

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what the hell, why not? reply with a number and I'll answer (got this from @deme)

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US pol subtoot 

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C:\Users\Social Media Intern\Pictures\Unflattering Photos of AOC\IMG_4625.JPG

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If you ever think for an instant that misogyny in gaming is new, remember that there was an uproar when the Queen was added to chess in Europe because she was a "powerful female figure".

drinks of the fediverse, alcohol 

Making a gab dot com account solely for the purpose of posting my true feelings about the KFC Cheetos Sandwich without fear of censorship and oppression.

A piece about the specific ways transphobes target trans men 

capitalism, anti-homeless policies 

The package `eastasianwidth` (~200k weekly downloads). This is the algorithm it implements to calculate the width of characters:


PSA (domain block):

Within around a minute I was followed by 500+ bots from and then within another minute was unfollowed by all of them. Essentially a denial-of-service attack. Haven't seen or heard of that before.

Frank Zappa’s β€˜Jazz From Hell’ (1986) is the only entirely instrumental album that has been sold with the β€˜Parental Advisory: Explicit Lyrics’ sticker on it.

The man who designs BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) maps is named Bart.

Fash infiltrators 


😱 Edge apparently sends the full URL of pages you visit (minus a few popular sites) to Microsoft. And, in contrast to documentation, includes your very non-anonymous account ID (SID).

*at a carnival as a high school freshman*

Older High School Kid: hey healyn, wanna see a reply guy?

Me: aw shucks, why not

OHSK: right this way pal *shoves me into one of those mirror funhouses*

Threat of harrassment, David Bond, Gab 

USPOL, Fox News Reporting 

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