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Everyone’s got their cartoon horny reaction. Like they see a pretty lady and their eyes pop out they head and they go AWOOGA! Mine is my eyes spin like slot reels that land on 7s and a giant neon sign that says JACKPOT lights up bright.

Bughouse on a chess server: the good, the bad, and the ugly
Note: this post was originally written back in late 2015. A lot of this is of mainly historical interest; the activity level on FICS has dropped off precipitously in the intervening time period of about six years. However, I still feel the story needs to be told, as...
-conduct -chess

"Dipping" into a new pinball spot
The Little Dipper on Main Street in downtown Houston had been on my list of pinball places to check out for some time. The last time I was in the area, though, there was a rainstorm blowing through the city. Instead of hanging back to get in a few games of pinball I decided to just go home and return another day. I didn't realize "another day" would be a few months later, though...

The first...

Odds and ends from the past month and change
I've gotten in the occasional round of pinball and arcade games here and there over the past couple of months, just haven't had any time to post until today. I will be checking out a new local venue in the next few days and I wanted to get these up before then.

In rough order: July 21 at Darkhorse Tavern (Mr. and Mrs. Pac-Man), August 4 at Little Woodrow's...

TIL fsck of an ext2 filesystem on a 128GB USB 3.0 thumb drive will take quite some time. I finally moved the drive to a different machine and it completed within the 15 minute timeout I set. I was afraid the drive had eaten it (relatively unused drive, too).

@joelschurter @ademalsasa xfce user here. The more desktops that are widely available the better. People should be able to find the tool that fits them best, not have to adapt to the one or two tools that are available.

Begpost, Time Sensitive, Please Boost 

Hey everyone, I finally got a job that i start tomorrow, which means this will hopefully be the last time i have to do this. Even tho i'm starting my job tomorrow, i will not have rent on time for September, which i need $200 for
i also need $150 to take my dog to the vet and get vaccine boosters, he is allowed to come to work with me and it is a high priority that he's able to as he helps me with my anxiety and also cannot be home alone due to not getting along with one of the other dogs in the house

I really appreciate everything y'all have done for me, and im hoping to be able to give back soon

Commission info: (gallery is NSFW)

Donation Info:
cashapp: $SCoyote
venmo: SCoyote

Ubuntu users, please take note, and boost if possible, this bug report about installer issues with Orca. The OS installer is the first thing many users will experience of an OS, and since, for better or worse, Ubuntu is the "flagship" end-user-facing Linux distro, accessibility should be kinda important. I know, volunteers and accessibility don't pay the bills and all that. Whatever. I'm done discussing that, I'm tired of excuses. Below is a link to the bug report:

#accessibility #a11y #linux #foss #ubuntu #orca

OnlyFans is suspending their planned policy change that would have banned sexual material on their website

PSA because some people don't seem to know that. Those weird barcodes found on letters contain your zip/postal code (which in some places can point to really specific location). You may want to blur them out when posting photos of letters online.

I am fully awake now. Time to Get Shit Done™. — Val

tfw you realize we're 20 years into the 21st century.

So Twitter blocks clicking around on their site without logging in now...

Funnily enough, simply just blocking cookies for the domain removes all of that and you can use it like normal. Wonder how long that'll last.

Common sense and the Texas power grid
For better or worse, this sat around in my draft queue for longer than I had wanted. But I still consider it timely, as I haven't heard anything new about the underlying problem and what's been done to solve it.

As recently reported in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram (among many other news outlets), a rather disturbing...
-sense -gas

Holy shit. OpenInsulin successfully formulated a non-proprietary version of insulin and they are ready to scale production! 👀

BitTorrent info
From time to time, I may link to files associated with posts which are available via BitTorrent (magnet links). Without getting overly technical, BitTorrent is a technology which allows files to be shared without the use of something like a web server; computers or devices share the files directly among each other using a "seed file" (filename ending in ".torrent") which contains the file names, file sizes, and enough information...

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