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BitTorrent info
From time to time, I may link to files associated with posts which are available via BitTorrent (magnet links). Without getting overly technical, BitTorrent is a technology which allows files to be shared without the use of something like a web server; computers or devices share the files directly among each other using a "seed file" (filename ending in ".torrent") which contains the file names, file sizes, and enough information...

Ten years of Trenta at Starbucks: a retrospective
So apparently it's been a whole decade since Starbucks rolled out the Trenta size beverages, judging by the date of my previous post "To Starbucks, size matters". A lot has changed since then, but as the saying goes, the more things change, the more they stay the same.

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Amazon unionization 

<< Amazon improperly pressured Alabama warehouse workers to vote against joining the Retail, Wholesale and Department Store Union and should hold a new union election, according to recommendations from a National Labor Relations Board hearing officer. >>

note from the toot-lab: if you are currently following this account from an instance operated by Eugen, I apologize, but you've got until Friday to find another home or get used to the idea of not seeing the toot-lab anymore because I'm sick of his bullshit and I'm yeeting his gargantuan shitholes into /dev/null on Saturday morning to start my day off right.

it's not you; it's him.

thanks for understanding.

The Dylan M. versus Google incident, ten years later
So it was ten years ago this month I wrote two posts about one Dylan M. and the sudden disabling of his Google account over some photos (under the titles "When 'the cloud' delivers a thunderstorm" and "Warm bodies are still smarter than silicon...
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Wow. Re-reading some old blog posts, and I had simply forgotten how many great posts I had made back in 2009.

Sigh. Just now noticed one of my old posts got tooted by mistake... such is life.

The slippery slope of censorship: the copyright lobby and child porn
The title of the MAFIAAFire forum post "The Copyright Lobby Absolutely Loves Child Pornography" is intentionally controversial and eye-grabbing, but when you look at the actual content of the post all of a sudden the politics and chess game of censorship as played...

Elastic is not fantastic: a blatantly deceptive lender's advertisement
So recently, alongside all the other mail I usually receive, I get this solicitation to borrow up to $2,500 via a service called Elastic. Often I just rip these into a few pieces and toss into the trash along with all the other garbage advertisements I...
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boys CAN wear dresses... as evidenced by all the boys IN dresses... hehe

This post for some reason was never tooted out here. Or maybe it was, and this is a dupe?

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A brief stopover at Big Star Bar
So I just happened to pass by Big Star Bar this past Tuesday. This location has just a Ripley's Believe it or Not (Stern, 2004) which at one time was one of my favorite games (back when there was still a Tilt arcade in the lower level of The Galleria). This particular machine was a bit dirty but reportedly still played well. I tried my hand at it, failing to reach the replay score of...

On competition, judgment, fairness, decency, respect, honesty, citizenship, hopes, dreams, and the current situation
Hopefully you can forgive the rather obtuse post title, but I couldn't think of anything better. The original title, the one I came up with for the original four-part series (that this post is replacing), was a heck of a lot...

I need better selfies for social media... pretty unhappy with most of them now that I look again.

Bill Cosby, sexual assault 

Dirty pool: On the vacating of Bill Cosby's conviction
I did write a post about Bill Cosby's first trial that ended in a hung jury; I did not get a chance to write about the second trial which did result in a conviction. Well, today, the guilty verdict was vacated and Bill Cosby is once again a free man.

"Dirty pool" in the post...
-cosby -amendment -assault

A restrospective on HAL-PC's end and a look to the future
So it was about seven years ago this month that HAL-PC finally called it quits. (For those of you who don't remember it, HAL-PC was the Houston Area League of PC Users, and at least at one point, was the largest user group of its type.)

A few things have changed since then, perhaps the biggest one being the COVID-19 pandemic, which was made...

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