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A Tournament: Hope springs eternal
So, after a couple of weeks back from Las Vegas, the next tournament on the calendar was rather auspiciously titled "a tournament" on the IFPA calendar on June 30. Hosted by none other than Matt Quantz at his townhouse in northeastern Fort Bend County,

I approached this tournament with a different mindset than I usually do. Namely, I wanted to have fun while playing relatively good...

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The weirdest presidential election in my lifetime

And I thought the Bush-Gore election of 2000 was surreal, since it took a Supreme Court ruling to decide it (or steal it, more likely). No, this one makes the nightmare of hanging chads and butterfly ballots look like a perfectly sane, normal election year. Today, we go...
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US politics/election 

Three ways Biden can win:
1. Pennsylvania (20, would bring total to 273)
2. Georgia plus either Nevada or Arizona (Georgia by itself is only 16)
3. Nevada and Arizona (17 together, would put total right at 270)

us pol, election-related, note for folks in Georgia 

So hey, those of you in Georgia (or can pass this along to folks in Georgia), there are about 40k absentee ballots sidelined due to signature issues and a couple of days to fix them. The race there is close enough for that to make a difference, so if you haven't already check the GA Secretary of State website to see if your ballot needs verified, and quickly!

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Shutting down the world: the COVID-19 pandemic
I have not really addressed the situation with the COVID-19 pandemic. When the countermeasures to address the pandemic started in March, it  blindsided the vast majority of people in the US and around the world. Just a small list of things that have happened in the last couple of weeks, in no particular order:

Early on, grocery stores have sold out of toilet...

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No, we still don't know who won
So it's the day after the election here in the US, and due to a much larger number of mail-in ballots than is usual for an election, we do not have a clear winner even though the day after election day has come and gone.

The hope of a Biden/Harris landslide victory has long since evaporated. Now, we...
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Colorado Canyon: A little mini-golf and ghostbusting after work
So today, my regular job involved a trip to the Beaumont area. After work was done, I had a brief lunch at a nearby Mexican food restaurant, and headed over to Colorado Canyon, originally for a game of mini-golf. I feel like I didn't too bad, staying relatively close to par until the 13th hole, but still managing to turn in a...

That’s a joke right?

Michael Tracey: Vote counters in a bunch of counties in Western PA have decided to go to bed, per NBC. You gotta be kidding me #PA

Full-List of bots:

Starbucks shuts down criticism of its holiday cup design

Well, looks like I goofed. In a previous post I called the Starbucks cup design the holiday re-design and apparently it was not. That design was more election-related, though most of what I wrote about Starbucks being in the center of controversy stands.

Grubstreet recently reported...

RIP Laser Quest North America 1993-2020. (I just found out today.)

The last straw: harassment and endangerment of the campaign bus
I know I've been relatively quiet lately. I've had a lot going on in my personal life so I haven't been able to comment on events as they've been happening. I still have a post from the start of the pandemic I have been working on that I will try to get up...
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Okay, people, we have the #Samizdat Overview:

I think it's reasonably complete, and I *hope* it is reasonably informative. Thank you to everyone who provided their input and feedback, couldn't have done it without you.

This is a complex project trying to solve a complicated issue. Boiling it down to a single readable document is Hard. Here's hoping it's good enough, but suggestions on how to improve are welcome, as always.

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someone just pointed out that pokemon go has lasted longer than the confederacy and i almost fell over


i'm joking of course i don't have much money. maybe one of your friends has a spare bitcoin

also 'i can harass people because i'm autistic and objecting is ableist' is not very convincing. might wanna try another angle. you've basically been annoying other autistic people for years you know? do you even care?

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