hewwo i am Officially™️ going to go by anthony now :))) my parents have said they will keep calling me ashley but they’re happy for me to change it legally and use it outside the family if it makes me more comfortable !!! so i’m v happy with that

Recent face painting practice: one stroke butterfly, geometric abstract, stripe with stencils.

Did you know?

Mars is the only known planet completely inhabited by robots.


The disks are floppy disk form factor. We bought an LS-120 drive one time but never got to install it. I liked the concept but Iomega basically crushed it with ZIp drives/disks which were a similar form factor.

@ajroach42 @dbucklin Basically it sends files between two computers, encrypted. It can also route between other nodes if told to do so and there is also a way to set it up to allow sending mail.

@tauroid Ah. It looked just close enough to Forth that I thought it might be at first but then I figured out it wasn't

@ajroach42 @dbucklin The question is how to get it started. Would the local 2600 meetings be a good place?

@lnxw48a1 Last I heard, it's going to miss most of Texas and hit mainly Louisiana and points east. Thank $deity.

OOPS. Just now realized that two old posts, which I originally made pre-Mastodon but edited just today after noticing mistakes/deficiencies in them, were tooted out after those edits when arguably they should not have been. The good news is at least they are getting reads now...

The idea of a semi-underground NNCP network stretching across the country connecting various circles of friends does intrigue me, especially given that it has sneakernet support as well as "live" Internet connection support built in.

"You’ve read 4 stories this month. There’s a lot more where that came from. Ready to make Medium yours?"

Medium, please fuck off, I'm just trying to read this article

Go Outlaws!
(I don't usually follow Overwatch, but I'll root for any Houston team where we have one.)

Maybe it's an instance going down? Does it seem like a lot of the unfollows are the same instance? (if you can even tell)


I was referring to NNCP at nncpgo.org -- it was mentioned briefly in the conversation towards the end.

How not to handle a student suicide
(Editorial note: I'm going to try not to rush these, but I've got a pretty big backlog to work through. Some of these posts may have lost some of their timeliness, as I have had things to deal with which have taken huge chunks out of the time I would normally use for blogging. Hopefully I'll be back to "normal" in a few weeks.)...
-middle-school -nichols

Another pharmacy mishap, another young life cut short
Once again, we visit the issue of pharmacy mishaps.

CW39.com recently reported on the death of an 8-year old boy which the mother blames on a mistake made by a compounding pharmacy months prior. The boy, Jake Steinbrecher from Loveland, Colorado, had originally been taking clonidine in pill form. The pills...

TIL: The freedom to run the program, for any purpose. = Whatever feature I want has to be already present there.

DashEquals, call out, toxic behaviour, harassment 

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