@jackdaw_ruiz @activationfxn @triz Wow, those are two messed up criteria to use for gauging performance potential. My name is halfway across the alphabet from Jared, and I can't play lacrosse worth a shit.

@rysiek I love the concept, and would love to see this take off. Basically, this is archive.org's Wayback Machine on steroids and caffeine, except focused on current content, right?

Okay, people, we have the #Samizdat Overview:

I think it's reasonably complete, and I *hope* it is reasonably informative. Thank you to everyone who provided their input and feedback, couldn't have done it without you.

This is a complex project trying to solve a complicated issue. Boiling it down to a single readable document is Hard. Here's hoping it's good enough, but suggestions on how to improve are welcome, as always.

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@plsburydoughboy At the time, though, Atari still had a good reputation, I think. It only tanked after the best they were able to do was the 7800 and XE Game System (which I didn't mention before). The Lynx was good but it was still hard to take Atari seriously with the Jaguar. This was about the point where I got out of console gaming, btw...

@plsburydoughboy I don't think the 7800 was necessarily a weaker system. I just think that not enough good titles came in for it, to the point that it was completely ignored by the game/movie rental stores for example.

@plsburydoughboy At that time, Atari was market leader, and they would have maintained their market share instead of squandering it with the bust that was the 7800, the near-bust that was the Lynx, and the shit-show that was the Jaguar.

@plsburydoughboy What if Atari had licensed the Nintendo Famicom instead of releasing the 7800? (I know, that's more 3rd/4th generation, but still a damned interesting possibility)

someone just pointed out that pokemon go has lasted longer than the confederacy and i almost fell over

@wxcafe Wow. So basically SMR is a way to combine the worst attributes of SSDs and conventional magnetic HDDs with, maybe, the small advantage of getting a bit more space? What is the advantage supposed to be?



i'm joking of course i don't have much money. maybe one of your friends has a spare bitcoin

also 'i can harass people because i'm autistic and objecting is ableist' is not very convincing. might wanna try another angle. you've basically been annoying other autistic people for years you know? do you even care?

Just finished printing one of the worst rolls of filament I've ever used. So happy it's gone and yet fulfilling an important job:

A whole load of "door openers", a little device which helps you to open/close doors without touching the door handle itself. Will hand them out to family, friends and neighbors.

You can print some, too! They're really rather - uhm - handy:


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@gemlog In my case it didn't help that I was flying at night, unable to see the mountains in front of me.

@fillertrack I didn't realize just how slow 100 megabit/s "Fast" Ethernet is until I got a machine that had gigabit.

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