Oh my goodness, someone just pointed out that NFTs are exactly the same as the "name a star"/"buy a piece of the moon" scam and suddenly it all makes sense.

@Felthry Not really when you consider that electric lighting, whether that electricity comes from batteries or a wired source ("mains"), is a heck of a lot safer than candles ever were for that purpose. The British still call a flashlight a torch, though... funny that.

@natecull Will or will not end well? (Guessing you may have meant the latter... I see this as a dumpster fire that's just been ignited.)

@Trashbang Sheetrock is technically a trademark, on top of that. (The generic term is drywall.)

Long distance information
Give me Memphis, Tennessee
Help me find a party
That tried to get in touch with me
She could not leave a number
But I know who placed the call
'Cause my uncle took a message
And he wrote it on the wall

@wigglytuffitout They actually banned loot boxes as gambling in a couple of jurisdictions I think. Honestly, I don't blame them.

Now that I have heard the original version of The Centre of the Heart by Roxette, it's an instant favorite. Previously I had only heard the dance remix from DDRMAX edited for length.

@welshpixie I guess you learn something new every day. The one time I used Krita, it was to convert a PSD in CMYK into something GIMP actually had a prayer of being able to turn into something useful (and it worked, thankfully). Honestly, I wish there was a truly free software friendly alternative to PSD... it's a rather tedious format to deal with.

@welshpixie You can rename a PDF to .ai and it actually works? Wow.

@monorail I've never called them those names. Where did you get that?

@koherecoWatchdog @thenewoil To be fair about it, Google is far worse and sometimes doesn't even pretend not to be evil.

If you don't recommend DDG, what do you use instead?

@thenewoil I already have, I very rarely use Google for searching now. Unfortunately the work I'm doing requires an Android phone so I will be stuck with one in some form for a little while.

> You want to make a webpage because they are cool.
> You want to make it yourself, by hand and for free, because *you* are cool.
> This zine is for those who have not made a site before, especially those who don’t consider themselves coders.


@z If finances allow, I might pre-order in early spring.

@tek Just now re-read it and you did type Sienna not Sierra. I guess maybe I have a moth stuck between neurons somewhere...

@tek Ah. I would have thought Toyota was better than that (and for some reason I was thinking Sierra was a GMC model, which maybe it was at one point).

Most wiper blades I purchase seem to be compatible with the multiple different methods of attachment. Are there some that aren't?

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