Another "dip" into downtown Houston and a side trip
So, nothing that my previous Monday (August 30) visit to Little Dipper was such a great time, I decided I'd head back down there this past Friday (September 3) and get in a few more rounds of pinball. This time, all of my play was confined to the three newer machines, skipping The Machine: Bride of Pinbot entirely.

I'm noticing a few more minor...

#FDroid and all #android #apps we're shipping grant you fundamental freedom to: use, study, share and improve them. We want user to control their software, not the other way around. It's not just about #OpenSource it's about #UserFreedom.

tfw youre trying to work out your calendar and have to create two calendars, one for "if my sleep is normal" and another for "if my sleep is weird"

How do you start a working class revolution without a working class?

Asking for a friend.

@kingu_platypus_gidora Is that what's going on over in France (or Quebec, possibly) right now? We had a bit of a problem with wholesale power prices going sky high (we were Griddy customers during the Valentine's day ice storm here in Houston) but usually it's not an issue.

@kingu_platypus_gidora Typed this into an online translation service, and I don't get it at all.

(Translation: how did you get into poverty? the game? Drugs? the alcohol? / I left the light on ... )

Scott Adams' Blog 

@smays The latter blog is but has not been updated with new posts in years (2013 I think?). I've kept WordPress and the plugins updated though, just to keep it from getting hacked.

Scott Adams' Blog 

@smays At least one of my old blogs, I simply never could get it started. The subject matter (financial awareness and thrifty living) was close enough to my heart and my reality but I just never found the time to really post to it a whole lot. The domain is probably still available if I want to re-register it, too... Contrast this with my local arts and events blog which I have kept online and kept updated with the hope of one day relaunching it under a new brand/domain.

@anna @o0karen0o The risks of proprietary software laid bare: there's no guarantee everyone will get the same experience, especially on GNU/Linux or other free software operating systems. I'm thinking a Carterphone-like solution is in order here, something like a camera and microphone with a Windows PC running Teams pointed at a monitor and speakers of a GNU/Linux system, or perhaps some other less crude way of connecting video/audio to the "real" Teams client via a second system.

libraries & pol + 

@quasar Here's hoping Houston and Harris County do the same soon. (Yes, there are two separate library systems for the city and the county. It's weird.)

Scott Adams' Blog 

@smays They are probably accessible via the Wayback Machine if you know where to look. Sometimes, though, bloggers will take it all down and then ask the Internet Archive to delete what they have as well, which is unfortunate but their prerogative. I'm proud of (most of) what I wrote so I'm planning to keep it online for the foreseeable future, and accessible in some form even if the Internet manages to implode.

@Angle It's not the most straightforward etymology if you don't know some of the lingo of the era in which it originated. I still think we should come up with a better word for it, but I also have some other weird beliefs...

@dmoonfire Oh no. Need extra extinguishers for the inevitable dumpster fire?

@dmoonfire That's even worse than old-school Atari BASIC that made every number a six-byte floating point number. Ugh.

@jk RealPlayer was pretty good tech in its day. The problem was downloading the files for local playback when they were set up to stream, and the fact that the files are in a rather odious proprietary format (thank you ffmpeg developers, though).

@wxcafe Healthcare is a really poor fit for an insured risk/insurance model. People *will* eventually get sick or injured, especially in old age (50+). It leads to dumb things like denying people for their medical history, called "pre-existing conditions". In fact, insurance is the reason healthcare in the US costs so damn much; medicine and profit just don't mix well.

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