someone just pointed out that pokemon go has lasted longer than the confederacy and i almost fell over

@wxcafe Wow. So basically SMR is a way to combine the worst attributes of SSDs and conventional magnetic HDDs with, maybe, the small advantage of getting a bit more space? What is the advantage supposed to be?


Just finished printing one of the worst rolls of filament I've ever used. So happy it's gone and yet fulfilling an important job:

A whole load of "door openers", a little device which helps you to open/close doors without touching the door handle itself. Will hand them out to family, friends and neighbors.

You can print some, too! They're really rather - uhm - handy:

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@gemlog In my case it didn't help that I was flying at night, unable to see the mountains in front of me.

@fillertrack I didn't realize just how slow 100 megabit/s "Fast" Ethernet is until I got a machine that had gigabit.

TIL why it's important to know when you're flying over mountains (FlightGear flight simulator, thankfully I didn't screw up in a real plane). Long story short: cruise altitude of 6000 ft, mountainside was somewhere around 6050-6100 ft. Crunch.

@phooky Some days I wish they still made them like that. I could use a couple of those here and there.

@Felthry I can maybe get jalapeño but I can only imagine what kind of mental leap it took to vote bell pepper.


A few quickies for 2020 March
Since the bars and arcades are temporarily shuttered, I've been stuck at home playing some old classics. This is a small sampling of my recent bests, in order:

Atari Video Cube, 1:57.3 (variation 12)

Atari 2600 Frostbite, 26340

Atari 2600 Midnight Magic, 483990

Atari 2600 Stampede, 3212 (I think this was variation 1)

Atari 2600 Super Football, 24-14 win versus computer

Atari Lynx...

Speedy's Fast Track: Plastic is fantastic?
[Note: This post describes two visits from the latter half of February, well before the business closures and most event cancellations due to the COVID-19 pandemic began in the Houston area. For a variety of reasons, It took until now to actually get this post completed and ready to upload.]

Way, way back in the day, I checked out Speedy's Fast Track (possibly...

if you haven't played through FF7 at least once renaming the characters things like "Shut Up" and "I Farted", you haven't lived

it was funny when I was 14 and it's funny now

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