@msh Good catch, I should have thought of that but I didn't. @cosullivan

@cosullivan Only thing I can think of could be altitude-related... you're not up in the mountains somewhere are you?

@cosullivan I wouldn't think Canadian and US electric stoves wouldn't be that different in general. It's not like you guys up there use 240 volts for everything.

@wxcafe Wow. I get that they can't use an actual can of Spam® due to trademark concerns but certainly they can do better than that?

@wxcafe Wow. The one on the left, with the one on the right being undelete?

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@hyperactivex Whichever one is empty. When you gotta go, you gotta go.

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Houston Arcade Expo 2019: Home runs, nukes, knights, windstorms, and other things
Well, I had been looking forward to it for a good couple of weeks, after there was a bit of doubt I'd even be able to go. Last Saturday, the 16th, was my visit to the Houston Arcade Expo for the first time since 2015. It felt good to show my face again given my prolonged absence from the...

I should be at Houston Arcade Expo close to 4 pm; I will let everyone know if I am running later than that.

Houston Arcade Expo and other items of note
In a similar spirit to a misquotation commonly attributed to Mark Twain, any reports of my demise and/or retirement from competitive video gaming and pinball have been greatly exaggerated.

On this Friday and Saturday, we will have yet another Houston Arcade Expo. I plan to be in attendance toward the late afternoon/evening hours of Saturday, November 16. I will...

Do you really think that Donald Trump could keep his mouth shut if the government hes in charge of arranged a coup in Bolivia?

Use your brain meats.

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And since when is mastodon.social just allowing anyone to make an account and follow spam? This is getting ridiculous... had two of them to deal with just now.

HI #Bernie2020 people! Welcome to Mastodon! Pro-tip: don't mass-follow people if you haven't yet tooted anything, uploaded a header image and avatar, put your pronouns or basically done anything to your new account. If you follow a ton of people with an empty account you'll just get rejected because it looks super suspicious. Thanks!

An open letter to Richard M. Stallman
Subject: Events of the last week - open letter

This is perhaps the most difficult letter I've found myself in a position to write in my entire lifetime.

A couple of days ago, I was reading the cypherpunks mailing list when I came across a thread with news articles and commentary indicating you had been constructively removed from both your positions as Free Software Foundation...

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