BTW, for the terminally curious (pun intended), it *is* technically possible to migrate from Ubuntu 20.04 to Debian 11.3 in place without a re-install... *if* you are experienced with apt/dpkg, are willing to manually rm certain files under /var/lib/dpkg/info when the situation calls for it, and uninstall/reinstall certain programs by hand. It is not something I can recommend trying in good conscience, but if you must, make backups and be ready to abandon ship back to the old Ubuntu install!

@skquinn this reminds me of the old days when someone would upgrade to Debian Sid and then come on and attempt to undo that decision

@derwinmcgeary I'm not going to try to run Sid this time around. *Maybe* as the next version draws near I will switch to testing.

Honestly, for something that shouldn't have worked I'm surprised it did. I did have to go clean up a bunch of remnants of the former Ubuntu install and I am just now reinstalling proper Debian packages for what's left, with the exception of Firefox. Unfortunately the current Firefox in Debian is a version 91 ESR and I'm already on version 101 so I'm just going to wait until the next ESR comes out and upgrade at that point.

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