Does anyone have contact info for Stephen Orsak, author of, and/or know the outcome of the court cases he was involved in back around 2007 or so?

@skquinn The Wayback Machine indicates that in 2007 he was found not guilty on 4 charges, guilty on 1 charge, and 1 charge was dropped by prosecution:

It also indicates that he appealed the guilty charge:

(Maybe you've already found that much, I don't know.)

@clifstan I found that but it wasn't clear from the legalese what actually happened. Thanks for the clarification.

It's discouraging to see the blog is still offline if he won the appeals. Maybe he just forgot to put it back up?

@skquinn The posts I found don't say if he won the appeal.

Also I found this from 2009:

It's from a case in the other direction - where Orsak was the plaintiff and the police were the defendants. It's not a final decision on the case, it's a step along the way. The police had asked the court for a summary judgment (in their favour, obviously) and the court partly granted it and partly denied it. (More than that beyond my capacity to unpick and summarize at the moment.)

(cc @carcinopithecus )

@clifstan @carcinopithecus Unfortunate that he lost his appeal on the one charge that actually stuck. I'm about to find out if his email still works.

@clifstan @carcinopithecus <sound fx: loud "BOING!"> "Undelivered Mail Returned to Sender" guess not.

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