Okay, maybe I should ask: Who is the first person to come to mind when I use the phrase "odious billionaire" without further context?

@Froggo He definitely qualifies, but it's actually not who I had in mind personally.

@Froggo Even more odious but I have serious doubts he's actually a billionaire. 😂

🤔 making me think here. the only other i would think of atm would be putin

@Froggo I was thinking of the one that is trying to take over/buy birdsite. oh, LOL. completely forgot about him

with much luck, he won't be a billionaire for long

@Froggo Indeed. It's a shame that at one point a Tesla was my dream car but now I'm looking to get almost anything else electric if I go that direction.

@skquinn @Froggo
ditto. went from top of my list to bottom of my list. kind of sad. turns out a data company masquerading as a car company didnt produce the best cars. rip.

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