@ajroach42 @dbucklin Just curious if you ever wound up dong anything with NNCP? I found your mentions of it in a thread from about a year or so ago. I've had an NNCP install for a while, and I would like to do more with it as I find the idea intriguing.

Assuming you mean uucp or nntp, then yes and no.

I did a lot of tinkering and no real useful anything, and then had an HDD failure on the box I was using.

I have a backup, I'll get it up and running and fiddle some more eventually.

@ajroach42 @skquinn I worked with the folks at to set up a tier 1 uucp node. It was an interesting exercise with lots of potential applications. In re NNTP, I played with the netnews setup at tildeverse; potential there, too. In both cases, you have an older, crankier, and less secure technology competing with modern methods that are more accessible. They are fun, but best suited to life in a secure bubble.


I was referring to NNCP at -- it was mentioned briefly in the conversation towards the end.

Ah, my apologies, this thread didn't come through with the rest of the conversation so i wasn't sure what you were talking about.

As of now, no. I had honestly forgotten about it entirely. Guess I should look in to it again.

The idea of a semi-underground NNCP network stretching across the country connecting various circles of friends does intrigue me, especially given that it has sneakernet support as well as "live" Internet connection support built in.

@skquinn @ajroach42 Oh, yeah, I spaced that completely. I never did anything with that. I wish I had a use case. I'm reminded now of which is different but related.

@skquinn @dbucklin That description right there is wonderful, and very much a thing I want to see.

"an underground computer network, stretching across the country, connecting various circles of friends via sneakernet, intranets, wireless internet, etc."

Very good yes.

@ajroach42 @dbucklin The question is how to get it started. Would the local 2600 meetings be a good place?

@skquinn @dbucklin Couldn't hurt.

I need to look more in to what this software does, and how it works.

@ajroach42 @dbucklin Basically it sends files between two computers, encrypted. It can also route between other nodes if told to do so and there is also a way to set it up to allow sending mail.

@skquinn @dbucklin Right, no I got that.

What I meant was that I need to look in to how it actually works. What those things look like in practice.

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