Once again, most of these will be a bit light on detail but there will be a few highlights to comment on.

The Game Preserve (The Woodlands), January 1: ...
Speedy's, January 3: ...
The Game Preserve, January 8: ...
Speedy's, January 9: ...


uspol, impeachment, despair 

Thinking real hard about how our president actively and admittedly sparked an insurrection into our capitol that came literal minutes from taking hostage or killing our heads of government and the total count of people in his party that thought he should be impeached for this is 10.

Ten. Out of over 200. When he bold-faced did something that our laws say without ambiguity should disqualify him from office.

This system cannot be saved. Not with these people in it.

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Yes it's another old post I had to fix a typo in. We have changed sheriffs since then so I hope the problems have been fixed.

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"Inmate..." revisited
I've let this sit here way too long. It's time I post this and be done with it.

This is a follow-up post to my original post on this story back in 2009 November, so just in case you have not already read it, you may wish to go back and read that one and get some of the background. In case you don't, here it is in a nutshell: I...
-county -killian

I don't know where to look so I guess I'll just public it -
Where did @Lady@iam.lydi.as and the entire Lesbian Pile discord server go? They were just there, like, yesterday. Now her mastodon and the website it was on are gone, I'm no longer on the discord if it still exists, and her Fortnite account even seems to have vanished. I assume it's not just a block thing since even her website's gone.
Let me know if you know anything. Boost if you feel comfortable I guess. Kinda worried.

Have you heard of the Royal game of Ur?

It's a 4000 year old game found in a royal gravesite in the ancient city of Ur. What's truly amazing about it is that we've also found a clay tablet with the rules for it! The oldest rule book in the world!

I had not heard of it, until I found this beautiful Free and open source online digital version of it! It looks great, and it's fun too! And you can play two player locally

Give it a go and let me know what you think!


Yes this is an old post I recently re-edited; I went ahead and tooted it out again since many of you may have never seen it first-run.

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Mislabeling of Microsoft's latest Windows addition
Recently Microsoft made the announcement regarding the ability to run some GNU/Linux programs under Windows. Unfortunately, it was a lightning rod attracting the most high-profile abuse of the name of the kernel, Linux.

In Mike Gerwitz's blog post entitled "GNU/kWindows", he sets the...
-kwindows -shuttleworth

US politics/events 

Chaos in the Capitol
In most of the other Presidential elections of my lifetime, the Congressional certification of the Electoral College vote count is a non-event. Like just about everything else lately, though, there was nothing routine about it this time around.

Among many other outlets, CNN reported on all hell breaking loose as protests...
-trump -terrorism

The last arcade visits of 2020
I am way behind on these, so these will be a bit light on detail and picture heavy. The good news is the next two from January will be more recent.

Speedy's on 12/22...
Speedy's on 12/24...
Einstein's in Richmond on 12/30...
Speedy's on 12/31...

The latest chapter in Apple stupidity: the charger shell game
As Daring Fireball recently reported, Apple has done it again with their gratuitous incompatibility. In a nutshell, Apple has released a 20W charger that looks like a previous 18W charger, and a 30W charger that looks like a previous 29W charger. You would think that one or two watts would not make a difference. Well, this being...

A closer look at Microsoft's unethical business practices
A recent reader's article on boycottnovell.com offers a very insightful look into the unethical side of Microsoft's business.

The author, Roy Schestowitz, makes a number of very good points. In particular:

Microsoft abuses "guerilla" or "viral" advertising more than other companies, disguising...

Has the FDA lost its %^$#*@ mind?!
If this doesn't make your blood boil, I'm not sure what will. Reason recently reported on an absolutely bizarre and insane action by the FDA, going back to the very beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic.

At that time the nation's hand sanitizer manufacturing capability was stretched to the limit, resulting in frequent out-of-stock conditions as well as stores having to limit quantities when...

RIP Laser Quest North America, 1993-2020
Primarily from about 1998 to early 2002 and sporadically after that, I took an interest in laser tag, particularly (at the time) the Laser Quest just down the road (13711 Westheimer Road, between Eldridge Parkway and Texas Highway 6) from where I was working at the time (Westheimer Road at what was at the time called Old Westheimer, Road now called West Houston Center...

Christmas Tournament at The Game Preserve (North): Going the distance
Finally, for the first time in what felt like forever, I would finally make my triumphant return to competitive pinball at The Game Preserve (The Woodlands) this past Saturday. The good: the machine lineup, the location, and surprisingly, my confidence level. The bad (well, maybe): the format, a four strikes...

Speedy's Monday and The Game Preserve Friday
Another trip back to Speedy's on Monday 12/14 (yes, I'm running way behind on posting these). Most of the Speedy's trip was pretty unremarkable, save for the 20-way combo on The Munsters, the 172M+ on Jurassic Park, and one of my better times on Quick & Crash of 6.220 seconds.

My first trip out to The Game Preserve (Woodlands) in ages, on Friday 12/18, was a bit...

Happy holidays, and the reasoning behind my use of the phrase
I meant to post this earlier, but happy holidays to everyone. In lieu of writing a new post, I am linking to prior posts where I explain the logic behind why I use this as my phrase of well wishes during the season:

Why I say "Happy Holidays" (2013)
“Happy Holidays” redux (2015)
The “Happy holidays” post for 2016: thoughts on the...

The roots of Internet Explorer's security problems
About a day ago Zack Whittaker posed the question: Has Internet Explorer ever been safe?

Overall I think this is a pretty good write-up on the history of Internet Explorer for those who don't understand its faults and/or are actually still using IE for serious Web browsing.

I think on a greater scale, it's a great example...

Twelve years ago today...
...was my very first post to this blog (okay, if you insist, here's the first post of real substance right after it), back when it was just my personal blog and hadn't yet been focused on weird, outrageous news, legal/justice stories, technological follies, and the other things that have since made it Rant Roulette.

Somehow, some way, I have...
#12-years #2008

Oops. Fixed a typo in an old post from 2010, and it got tooted out like it was new. But still worth reading as are a lot of my old posts.

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