Okay, people, we have the #Samizdat Overview:

I think it's reasonably complete, and I *hope* it is reasonably informative. Thank you to everyone who provided their input and feedback, couldn't have done it without you.

This is a complex project trying to solve a complicated issue. Boiling it down to a single readable document is Hard. Here's hoping it's good enough, but suggestions on how to improve are welcome, as always.

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someone just pointed out that pokemon go has lasted longer than the confederacy and i almost fell over



i'm joking of course i don't have much money. maybe one of your friends has a spare bitcoin

also 'i can harass people because i'm autistic and objecting is ableist' is not very convincing. might wanna try another angle. you've basically been annoying other autistic people for years you know? do you even care?

Just finished printing one of the worst rolls of filament I've ever used. So happy it's gone and yet fulfilling an important job:

A whole load of "door openers", a little device which helps you to open/close doors without touching the door handle itself. Will hand them out to family, friends and neighbors.

You can print some, too! They're really rather - uhm - handy:


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TIL why it's important to know when you're flying over mountains (FlightGear flight simulator, thankfully I didn't screw up in a real plane). Long story short: cruise altitude of 6000 ft, mountainside was somewhere around 6050-6100 ft. Crunch.


A few quickies for 2020 March
Since the bars and arcades are temporarily shuttered, I've been stuck at home playing some old classics. This is a small sampling of my recent bests, in order:

Atari Video Cube, 1:57.3 (variation 12)

Atari 2600 Frostbite, 26340

Atari 2600 Midnight Magic, 483990

Atari 2600 Stampede, 3212 (I think this was variation 1)

Atari 2600 Super Football, 24-14 win versus computer

Atari Lynx...

Speedy's Fast Track: Plastic is fantastic?
[Note: This post describes two visits from the latter half of February, well before the business closures and most event cancellations due to the COVID-19 pandemic began in the Houston area. For a variety of reasons, It took until now to actually get this post completed and ready to upload.]

Way, way back in the day, I checked out Speedy's Fast Track (possibly...

if you haven't played through FF7 at least once renaming the characters things like "Shut Up" and "I Farted", you haven't lived

it was funny when I was 14 and it's funny now

The 2020 elections
It's that time again. Four years later, and along with the big one (the presidential election), here in Harris County, Texas, the major law enforcement-related positions are once again up for election.

I'm going to just comment on the races I know about, some of them...
#2020 -county -gonzalez -anna -rush -day -sanders -hernandez -orourke

How the XFL gets football wrong

If you are not up on exactly what the rule changes are between the (current) XFL and NFL, this article at the Tampa Bay Times, the Wikipedia article on the current XFL, or the YouTube video embedded below should help bring you up to speed. I'm going to assume you've either read or watched in the rest of this post. Note that I'm not going to necessarily go through the changes in the same...

I WILL PUSH THIS FUCKING Konica Minolta bizhub C224e multifunction printer fax with 22 ppm high resolution output and an enhanced INFO-Palette design OFF A CLIFF IF ITS FUCKING YSoft SafeQ print management and document capture authentication module WON'T START WORKING RIGHT NOW

look at this cute pink cat my friend in Kazakstan painted! I thought you would all appreciate it here.

by Olya Koto

i am stuck in a hell exchange with an angry production person who doesn't understand that a file that is 171.03mm by 235.97mm is what you get when you request a file that is 300dpi at 171mm by 236mm.

I downloaded a wordgame app that allows to appeal against the app itself when the user writes a word that is not in the wordlist, and it’s great

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