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Shawn K. Quinn

@Elizafox If they had followed safe traffic laws, they would have outed themselves as Protestant.

some wanker ran me into the curb blasting a left out of a Catholic school across two lanes, then taking up half my lane 👌

Wow, Feedburner is still alive and is even being used by people.

I could've sworn Google left it alone to starve to death years ago.

One of my co-workers received this wallscroll as a gift as a child in Okinawa. They have forgotten the meaning of the character though. Anyone around who could translate?

look virtualbox you should probably stop using Dolly as an icon for Clone. People don't know what it means anymore

Army Corps of Engineers guy on TV is saying this has the potential to exceed a 1,000-year flood plain event. We've had two "100-year" events in the previous two years. I'm thinking we need to rework the terminology because it's at best misleading and/or confusing, even if there is a formal definition for the "100-year flood plain".


Man I bought DOOM (the original) and it's literally unplayable to me because it triggers my motion sickness basically immediately and that's with launching in GLDoom and turning view bob off entirely.

Good thing it was cheap as fuck.

Re-working the resume in LaTeX both makes me wonder why I keep my resume in LaTeX and reminds me why I keep my resume in LaTeX.

Joy of joys: wiping 400GiB+ of free space on a 2TB drive. Over USB 2.0. Around five hours total, thankfully it doesn't load the system a lot.

@natecull The best are unicode security exploits that rely on homographs and/or reencoding, all because the UI team really wanted emojis in the username/password to work.