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Shawn K. Quinn

Hot take: oopstodon is cuter than the Fail Whale

Disclaimer: This is a joke, but even if it's true I wouldn't be upset. I'm honestly happy that we try different protocols in the fediverse!
I for one is looking forward to the Instagram clone for the fediverse!

did u know vim: Ctrl-w r rotates the current window downwards (which means if you've got two vsplits, it'll exchange them. if you've got three, it'll make the top one the middle, the middle the lowest one, and the lowest the top one. Etc.)

Ctrl-w R does the opposite

@Antanicus @jd A smaller-scale example: the modern car seat belt design was deliberately not patented. I guess there aren’t many other examples though, which is sad.

People from, it's about time to move to another instance if you didn't already!

Please keep in mind that some users are not on Mastodon every day and need time to notice you moved.

And if you are unsure where to move, ask your friends in the fediverse, I'm sure you will get great recommendations! ❤️

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"We have never had 'Ford only' freeways or 'Verizon only' phones. Why should we accept 'Facebook only' instant messaging or 'Skype only' video chat?"

@Antanicus I was cooking pasta when I was 12. Did these people not have parents?

@skquinn In case you didn't know, all my bad ideas are actually excellent ideas.

Hey! If you're new and reading this, remember that you don't need to bring your old behaviors from birdsite and fb to here.

We enjoy genuine conversation, because we can fit in all the words, finish our train of thoughts.

Get to know your community, and how they behave. See if you find something new and novel.

Bad idea of the day: 'mastogone' -- a script that identifies people you're following who haven't posted in more than a year

Turns out it was not an ISP issue but several other (fixable) issues that happened to hit at once.

Just updated a wordpress install from 3.3.1 to 4.9.4

Not really recommended o.O

Am now fending off a mansplaining user who is trying to tell me how https works

I need a throwing shade gif here

Why, oh why, did I get a BLU Grand Energy (8GB) to replace the Studio G (4GB)? 8GB is still nowhere near enough... Everything else about the Grand Energy is decent, given it's an Android device, though it's annoying that given the limited internal memory you can't use the second SIM slot *and* SD card at the same time.

(Doesn't work in this case usually means the connection times out. In some cases I can verify that absolutely no packets come back related to that connection.)