Is there a distributed platform similar to Tumblr? Images, text of any length, etc.?

If you're payment processing flow includes actions by default blocked by chrome (iframe redirects, popups) then you seriously f-ed up.

Hey, my current gig is going to be ending in the next few weeks.

I do web and ops automation, specifically, django, python in general, and saltstack.

Short term is fine.

Boosts appreciated!

Can we get universal healthcare already so people stop going to sketchy underground pharmacies to get their meds?

Outrageous: the global beverage giant bottling and selling this tiny Australian town's primary source of water

Still amazed at how well this season in pinball league has gone overall. I had been wondering for quite a while if I would ever qualify for the A division playoffs, and it looks like this season I finally did. The only downside is that the next two weeks before the playoffs are going to feel like they drag on a bit.

You can get three kinds of water in Germany, "classic" which means lots of bubbles, "medium" which means medium bubbles and "still", which means just normal water

Blued my hair. Going to a local gig, no idea who I'm seeing!

The real issue we have been warned about.
RT Yesterday I asked my 12-year-old son what other kids at school think about him having 2 dads.

His response: They don’t care but they don’t like how I’m immune to “Yo Mama” jokes.

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