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*fills bass drum with mugwort, lights it on fire, begins melancholy intro*

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SWIM accidentally let the mugwort steep for three and a half hours AMA

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usually I try pretty hard to eat stuff that's not garbage but man who am I to resist, WHO, when the gas station around the corner has a big rack of discontinued or unpopular full sized candy with names like Apple Pie Twix and Fudge Brownie M&Ms priced five for a dollar fucking come on

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an hour and a half stand up comedy special by a comedian whose entire schtick is being into vore. just ninety minutes of vore jokes.


found a tumblr called fuck yeah peter pan collars and legit could not tell if it was a kink blog

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the solution btw was for the only two characters who are uncomplicatedly in love to reunite, surprising us not only with homosexuality but also with like legit heart

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fuck yes

sometimes you've just got to get high and read r/matrix for the plot solution/act in you've been stuck on for three days to sneak in the back of your brain and make itself known

thx weed and r/matrix

ted lasso spoilers 

they literally made santa claus canon

this show is not fucking around

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my internal monologue: all you do is get high and eat garbage you're gross

me irl: gets high, eats a peach some granola and a bunch of blueberries

I need a therapist


just saw a cis girl cosplaying as Jo from Lumberjanes and got so irratotionally angry for a second

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went to the orchard with our tiny kids and another queer couple and their kid and we had to be careful not to pick too many peaches because we couldn't really afford them but we still got like fifteen including two enormous ones and it was a very sweet afternoon and now I am eating one of the enormous peaches and it is very nice


I just read the script to jane schoenbrun's follow up to 'we're all going to the world's fair' and I feel like she is my favorite writer. holy shit. I feel all many kinds of emotionally messed up


I think it was actually sobrietytok making jokes about addiction experiences

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somehow found myself on herointok wtf

a tabletop rpg podcast in which dan levy is the gm titled schitt's crits

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look new bermuda has been my favorite deafheaven since it came out because ordinary corrupt human love didn't really land for me. it felt kind of middle of the road or something. and after thinking the singles were just fine, I was ready to write deafheaven off and retire the back patch. but what the fuck instead it might be better than new bermuda? I've only listened to it once while high but I think it was the right choice to get high first, it fucking wrecks, nice

sometimes I click on a listing of some bizarre shit on reverb with the intention of leaving a hilarious comment and then remember that the fact that reverb is the main feed I really scroll through any more does not mean it is social media

there really is some weird and stupid shit on reverb tho

mh idk 

stop hitting yourself stop hitting yourself


stop hating yourself stop hating yourself

if you really want to get your dirtbag gen x/millennial cusp lover's engine running just lean over, put a hand on their thigh and whisper into their ear

'i'm right on top of that, rose'

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