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*fills bass drum with mugwort, lights it on fire, begins melancholy intro*

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ptsd jokes 

somebody on the internet said ptsd is being rebranded as 'spicy nostalgia' and I can't stop laughing

nerd music stuff 

I was in a terrible band at one point that had an instrumental song called 'lick the bird' and before we played it we'd make all six people in the venue chant 'lick, lick, lick the bird' and you know what, that's still pretty funny

nerd music stuff 

read an interview where brian molko seemed to be just as embarrassed about having written the early placebo albums as I feel about having loved them so much and now I think I'm really into placebo again??

books stuff 

that wiki was... not thorough. I think I just read the whole thing. my itch continues to itch

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sent out a new draft of the screenplay for this movie as well as a dissertation about why trans movies are always fucking terrible except for this one which is why I didn't take a couple of the director's notes

books stuff 

oh shit there's an area x wiki, I think I can solve this by reading that until I feel emotionally unstable

where lies the strangling fruit, am I right

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books stuff 

I want to read the area x trilogy again but I'm in the middle of a million page clive barker book that I really want to finish. but I mostly want to be done with it, the actual page to page reading experience is fine but not great

and also van der meer's writing literally makes me emotionally unstable

what to do, what to do

nerd music stuff, cannabis 

got blazed last night and put 'axe to fall' on the record player. the insert says that kurt ballou endorses first act guitars. i literally thought it was a joke - first act makes inexpensive instruments for children that tend to be kinda... not the kind of thing i'd imagine one of the most impressive and respected guitarists and producers in metal would play. but it seems to be real. i want to know more


played some melodic unplugged bass vi for the baby last night and he laughed and screamed and loved it


Tonight's bedtime story featured popular gluttonous frogs Pendulum and Conundrum starting a "mysterious experimental noise rock band" with the help of van owner Powerful Dave. Later, when I did Powerful Dave's "Southern accent" for my partner, she said he sounded like Billy Bob Thornton in Sling Blade

parenting, nerd music stuff 

3yo is obsessed with 'ms jackson' so we've been listening to it over and over and I never really noticed that for the first three verses it's an emotionally vulnerable song about wishing things could be different between Andre and Erykah Badu and their kid, but then the last verse is Big Boi being like 'actually fuck you and your mom'

had to hike in a pair of 15(?) year old doc martens, which have so little traction that they are effectively the opposite of waitress shoes. it was my fault. I live in vermont. I need to be prepared for a hike to break out at literally any time

feelings, nerd music stuff 

tell me I don't need another, bigger bouncing souls tattoo

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feelings, nerd music stuff 

literally crying from feelings listening to the new version of 'gone' on the bouncing souls 'volume 2'

how many times have I yelled along to this in a room full of punkers, but it still gets me

it's like those fuckers knew I was gonna be struggling with emotional numbness in quarantine and wanted to help

like I literally miss new jersey right now

thanks bouncing souls


kelsey grammer reads the cat in the hat on audible and it really feels like a ten minute joke from the simpsons from 1994


disappointed to report that as I continue to experiment with not using cannabis, my anxiety continues to feel less pointed

bad movies 

apparently a fan edit of blair witch 2 exists which makes it into a good movie? none of the usual suspects is producing a link, though. i'm intrigued


new macos looks dumb like ubuntu now??

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