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*fills bass drum with mugwort, lights it on fire, begins melancholy intro*

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trans, branding 

maybe I'm slow but I just realized that the reason I keep returning to reddit despite it being reddit is that it's basically impossible to cultivate a brand over there

and I struggle not to cultivate a brand

like irl or online

it's just easier than being real

I think it's related to the fact that before I came out as trans I didn't really know how to be a person, just a pre- or early-social media brand

a terrible brand but still a brand


elaborate pointless comic book story, sex stuff i guess 

i just thought it was really funny how hard they went after the wicked and the divine for a minute + then dropped it

also i read like forty issues of the wicked + the divine and feel like i only understood like 60% of what was going on and i liked it okay, i should finish it sometime

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elaborate pointless comic book story, sex stuff i guess 

then in the next issue of sex criminals (which is about people who can freeze time to commit crimes such as bank robbery after the come) at the front it said 'this issue is dedicated to [the writer and artist of the wicked + the divine]' AND THEN

two pages later

some of our characters were engaged in filming a porno movie parody of the wicked + the divine

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elaborate pointless comic book story 

in the letters page of an issue of sex criminals they were like 'i heard reading the wicked and the divine just makes you jack off onto old mix tapes. what does reading the wicked and the divine make you jack off onto? email' which i assume is the real wicked + the divine letters page email


just found a cookie in my bed and i literally do not know how long it's been there

tv feelings 

i just watched the first episode of the saved by the bell 2020 reboot and i didn't really like it so why am i crying from feelings

what the fuck

there were three more seasons of saved by the bell: the new class than there were of saved by the bell

christianity + drug mentions 

just remembered a moment in probably 2005 when the singer from the band I was in left band practice with his boyfriend like 'we're gonna do cocaine and watch the passion of the christ'

it's a funny ridiculous moment but that's also just what he was like

six or seven years later he lived with us for a few months in oakland and achieved some notoriety as a poet

I think I'm at the point in quarantine where I miss everyone that I don't live with

it's important to remember to spell 'bated,' in the expression 'bated breath,' without an I, as 'bated' and 'baited' have completely different etymologies. 'bait' has proto-germanic origins via old norse, whereas 'bated' is short for 'masturbated'


yesterday I was telling a bedtime story set in the mouseyverse and I couldn't remember Powerful Dave's husband's name, just that it was pretty good

so i asked 3yo

she couldn't remember either so we went on with the story and then later I think she remembered his name so in a sweet little voice as she was falling asleep she said

"Pickup Chuck"

work, tv, dan harmon 

i get why people like rick + morty - the plotting is brilliant - but does anybody else find it depressingly misanthropic? i mean all i can think the whole time is 'wow dan harmon sure hates everyone, especially himself'

i love community and there's a wide streak of this there too - but at least community has some characters to like

family / kids (+) 

3yo had to choose a spice to talk about in school zoom and her first choice was "chicken burrito"

i felt so proud

wow @ the existence of a wet hot american summer tabletop role playing game


update: nope, all my real clothes are terrible. am now cosplaying Marshmallow Who Writes Many Pages Per Day

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update: unfortunately it's been a while since I dressed like I was going to work and now I hate all of my clothes and still don't have any hips. got a Woman Who Writes Many Pages Per Day cosplay going but it was pretty grueling

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today as I work from home I will wear a skirt and tights and a real bra and sit in a chair at a desk instead of dressing and acting like a Bed Marshmallow

spent some time today in white guy guitar pedal review youtube and i did not care for it

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cannabis, uspol 

lil blazed and i extremely hate The Capitol Steps but I wonder how they've been doing the last four years with all of this

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