The richest men on Earth buy up luxury estate in Hawaii while most Hawaiians don't "own" a single acre of our home. The US military poisons our water as Mark Zuckerberg OWNS a RESERVOIR, kicks us off 1,200 acres of Kaua'i.

Neofeud is very much based on Hawaii, where the Earth's richest build bunkers to survive the apocalypse they cause, defending their crowned-heads from starving masses with AI-powered military security. Except in floating palaces instead of subterranean Fallout-Vaults.

Mark Zuckerberg wants to blow up Hawaii's reefs to own the ocean. Between banning our language and culture, poisoning and displacing us Native Hawaiians, the billionaires will stoop to any depths, and the US gov & military enables them.

US military plans to keep poisoning us Native Hawaiians till 2024 or later, confirmed.

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