As Biden 'considers' canceling student debt, remember 1800's Hawaii had the world's highest literacy rate, invented submarines before Western sci-fi dreamt them, & we had FREE education & world's first universal healthcare, before the US backed a military coup & ghettoized us.

Hawaii was the first country in the world with high-quality mass-accessible public education, with over 70 newspapers in a country of less than 1 million. It's no wonder we electrified, provided mass transit, and invented torpedo-proof vessels, leaving the West in the dust.

As 54% of Americans can't read above a 6th grade level TODAY, w/ trillions in student debt which graduates can't pay, it's a stark contrast to Hawaii's universal free quality education, when only the rich US-capitalist and Euro-feudal elite had such schooling.

Hawaii had universal healthcare, like Cuba today, until the US coup'ed us in the 1890s and installed capitalism and a leaky military gas station, giving us the worst health and economic outcomes in the so-called US. (700+ US overthrows of Cuba have failed so far, good job!)

More on Hawaii that had the world's highest literacy rate, world's first Universal Healthcare, invented submarines before Jules Verne published 20,000 leagues, before the US invaded, banned our language and culture, ghettoized us, and buried the history.

If you can help me and my Native Hawaiian family not become homeless AGAIN, keep doing education work and save our dying lands at the Silver Spook hui (cooperative) over here:

A thread on my game Neofeud about my life as an impoverished Hawaiian, social worker and STEM teacher for other poor/homeless, living in slums beneath billionaire mansions. My experiences refracted through the lens of satirical cyberpunk.

IndigiStar is a game I made about imperial invasion that destroys your indigenous socialism, and erases your language and culture, and poisons your land like US to Hawaii. How do you fight capitalist superpowers? Find out in IndigiStar!

The Vietnamese are another indigenous socialist people that have kicked capitalist colonizer butts like the US many times in direct combat, & economic/informational warfare! Kick those imperialist a-holes out in Decolonators! With

An important thread on the great and highly literate civilizations of Africa, many Muslim, which were devastated and plundered by Euro-colonizers for resources and slaves. Focusing on Omar ibn Said, a Muslim scholar sold into slavery in the US.

@silverspookgames My older cousin was drafted into Vietnam, was forced to kill one person, and it haunted him for the the rest of his life. He died from a rare cancer associated with Agent Orange exposure before the age of 50. But hey, the government sent him a settlement check. /s

Anyways, donated and downloaded.


THAT STATISTIC HAS NOT CHANGE SINCE 1933. USA has always ranked at the bottom of the pile.

yes its a race to the bottom folks!

just dont expect us to show up.. will be a no show..

@silverspookgames I hate to ask, but I'd really love to know more about this Hawaiian submarine, and my attempts at a sensible Google search generate a lot of noise (tourism ads, US naval history, etc). Do you have a good lead on where I can learn more about that?

@silverspookgames Ah, appreciated. There's at least some information on source and attribution in there to give me a hope of finding a thread to pull on.

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