As 'Action Fans' attack as unrealistic for having women warriors, consider that women fought on the front lines in non-patriarchal cultures, like Hawaii, but the White Man's World has fought to erase this from history, like our languages.

In Vietnam, two indigenous warrior sisters, rising up against an oppressive invader, fighting personally against their army. They united 15+ ethnic minorities in revolution, & came to be known as the 'Viet' people. Vietnam defeated colonizers like US, French, with women fighters.

Custer was knocked from his horse by Buffalo Calf Road Woman. The US wants to forget that its genocidal thieving settler men never defeated the indigenous people, & a woman beat their 'Great' White Man commander. The US fought Natives like it fought Vietnam - to stop communism.

The Kendake of Africa were political and military leaders who also defended their nations, battling toe-to-toe w/ the Greeks and Romans, defeating both would-be colonizers. The name 'Candace' is the Romanized name for the women warriors they met on the field (& kicked their ass)

Fighting wasn't always guns and swords of course - Emma Kaleleonālani, fought for the world's first universal healthcare system in 1859, in Hawaii. The US invasion banned our language, restricted women & our healthcare after illegally occupying us.

Please help me and my Native Hawaiian family not become homeless AGAIN, keep doing education work and save our dying lands at the Silver Spook hui (cooperative) over here:

If you liked want a game featuring an indigenous women warriors kicking invader butts out of their lands, check out Decolonators! Made with Native Hawaiian (myself) and Native Vietnamese !

Do watch which is the best Predator movie of them all in terms of cinematography, storytelling, relevance to the present AND realism -- women have always been warriors, especially indigenous ones, despite lying, thieving, colonizer patriarchal BS.

More on the way we Hawaiians had gender equality, acceptance of LGBTQ and non-binary gender including Mahu (similar to two spirit people), and the vital roles they've played against colonization and US genocide of us Hawaiians.


Haven't seen the movie yet, but looking forward to it!

On a related note, some trace the Samoan fireknife to a weapon used by the warrior queen Nafanua.

While most modern-day fireknife dancers are are male, women certainly participate.

#SivaAfi #FireKnife #Samoa


I wonder if there is a correlation between societies who only allow male warriors and societies who largely succeed because they send armies of men out to take stuff away from other people.

Seems to me like groups of men who aren't needed for food production at home could be neatly kept out from underfoot by sending them out to attack and steal from others, but when people come to attack from elsewhere everybody fights.

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