As Elliot Page controversy stirs, remember trans, non-binary and gender-fluid people are accepted in Hawaiian culture (i.e. mahu), & play vital roles in our resistance against colonization & US genocide of Hawaiians. Binary gender is a Western, imperial concept, forced on us.

The phrase closest to 'man up' in Hawaiian is 'ku kanaka' - 'stand up like a human'. The word for parent, 'makua' is gender-neutral. Most names are also gender-neutral, i.e. Mahealani. More: 'Māhū Resistance Challenging Colonial Structures of Power&Gender'

I often alter my own presentation. I'm in support of LGBTQ+ rights generally, but this is also about self-decolonization & reclamation of gender-fluid Hawaiian culture that was stolen from me. Hawaiian language was banned by the US, when I was born.

It's also important to remember the control of bodies & gender expression is integral to interlocking systems of white supremacy, patriarchy, & capitalism. Devaluation of certain genders & races over others allows devaluation of their labor - i.e. care work, 'unskilled jobs' etc.

Jobs we're conditioned to see as 'Yt' and 'Man' jobs, like 'CEO' are systematically overvalued - Elon was given 2.5 million times his average employee's salary in 2021.

Let's also not forget Emma Kaleleonālani, who went on foot to raise money for the world's first universal healthcare system in 1859, & improved women's rights. The US banned our language, restricted women & our healthcare after illegally occupying us.

You can also help me and my Native Hawaiian family not become homeless AGAIN, keep doing education work and save our dying lands at the Silver Spook hui (cooperative) over here:

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