The US banned Hawaiian language, poisos our water, devastated our universal healthcare, overthrew our country, & illegally occupies Hawaii to this day. My mother's hands were broken for speaking Hawaiian in school. The US is not a beacon, but the destroyer of independence.


The US military poisoned our Hawaiian water supply, still hasn't cleaned the jet fuel in our aquifer or shut down it's tanks, and all of Oahu's water supply could soon become unusable due to petroleum & salt contamination.

The US military won't acknowledge or clean its catastrophic gas spill in Hawaii, because the US is illegally occupying Hawaii as a platform to plunder China, bomb Vietnam, Korea, Afghanistan. The US own troops and Hawaiian 'natives' are expendable pawns.

Native Hawaiians / PI have the HIGHEST rate of incarceration in the US, and the lowest healthy life expectancy. Settler colonialism is ongoing. Still clearing the land of us for your resorts, and forced-laboring us to make your maitai umbrellas for 25 cents/hour in prison.

Hawaii also leads the US in the school-to-prison pipeline - #1 in rounding up children, especially Native Hawaiians. Part of the continued US attempt to destroy us indigenous people and lifeways.

You can also help me and my Native Hawaiian family not become homeless AGAIN, keep doing education work and save our dying lands at the Silver Spook hui (cooperative) over here:

More on how Hawai'i was more advanced than the US pre-illegal occupation by America. In 1898, we already had electricity, mass transit, railroads. Iolani palace had electric lights before the White House.

US military jet fuel blasting into Hawaii's water supply, poisoning us in realtime.

@silverspookgames basically, they're accepting that everyone who can't/won't buy bottled water will get sick and die, freeing up space...?

@silverspookgames "We can either do something and save these people we don't like, or do nothing and benefit from their suffering. Again."

@silverspookgames daily reminder that slavery was never outlawed by the US constitution, its application was merely restricted to people in the prison system (note how I did not specifically say "criminals").

Non-whites, who disproportionately fill US prisons, are still slaves in the US, but it's been insidiously hidden.

@silverspookgames it's true that the military's own troops aren't even safe: that aquifer provided water to one of my acquaintances in the military, she was lied to and unable to use the water in her military base house because of this. Bureaucrats always start with denying that there's a problem.

@wilbr @silverspookgames I hope you understand that it's REALLY hard to feel bad for members of the US army in occupied Hawai'i. Especially in a thread like this. Read the room.

@AgreeableLandscape @silverspookgames I didn't ask you to feel bad for them, I'm corroborating what Silverspook said: even the US's own troops aren't safe. Nobody is safe, the activities of the military are harmful to all.

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