US billionaires buy up Hawaii while most of us Hawaiians don't "own" a single acre of our US-illegally occupied home. Mark Zuckerberg forced us from his 1200 acre ranch on Kaua'i. Elon's buddy Larry Ellison owns an entire island, while we remain homeless.

Since the US banned our Hawaiian language, it nearly went extinct. Less than 100 kids spoke it in the 80's. Kids are STILL punished for speaking Hawaiian today.
The fact we've 30,000+ Hawaiians speakers now is testament to our struggle to preserve our culture from eradication.

Hawaii also leads the US in the school-to-prison pipeline - #1 in rounding up children, especially Native Hawaiians. Part of the continued US attempt to destroy us indigenous people and lifeways.

If you'd like to help me with this education and game dev work (also help some Hawaiians keep a roof over our head)

More on Hawaii that had the world's highest literacy rate, world's first Universal Healthcare, invented submarines before Jules Verne published 20,000 leagues, before the US invaded, banned our language and culture, ghettoized us, and buried the history.

@silverspookgames They do **WHAT**?

Imagine banning a language for no reason, so cringe :fuck-you:

Colonialismo, imperialismo, erradicación de las culruras milenarias... y dicen que somos civilizados... algunos países se niegan a ser educados y siguen siendo bárbaros.

@silverspookgames This makes me want to look at Duolingo and see if there is Hawaiian available. Just because. I've only heard little of it, but it sounds so melodic.

@silverspookgames Image caption: “This little girl’s teacher told her not to speak Hawaiian or she’ll be punished. This is still happening in 2022*. I’m infuriated”. The caption is beneath a photo of said girl with downcast eyes.

@silverspookgames that moment when the US accuses other countries of nonexistent genocides but are ACTUALLY committing genocides.

Every accusation is an admission with those people.

@silverspookgames “But what’s wrong with billionaires… you’re probably just jealous!” – some dickhead on the Internet

Goodness this boils my blood.


@silverspookgames cooperate to surveil and kill them. Until we earthbound cooperate against elysium (#movie reference #elysium ) the 7+ generation #corporatedictatorship , to which we ALL are enslaved, will roll on.


I never knew how bad it was in Hawaii. It is basically occupied not unlike Palestine.

I regret going for a vacation in Hawaii. I wasn’t aware I was supporting colonialism and occupation by doing so.

This should not be a legal thing for people to be able to do!

@silverspookgames This is colonialism, which is what Richard Branson did when he bought an entire Caribbean island for holidays.
It's horrible!

OCR Output (chars: 2030) 

Image 1:

Jeff Bezos reportedly bought a new house on Maui after
spending weeks donating to local charities

Avery Hartmans 13 hours ago


Image 2:
Take a tour of Mark Zuckerberg's gigantic $100 million
property in Hawaii

Image 3:

Image 4:
Under International Law Native
Hawaiians are Victims of

Since 1904, aboriginal Hawaiians had to pay for their healthcare from an institution tha
was established specifically for them at no charge. According to the International

As a result of the “deliberate deprivation of... medical services,” many aboriginal
Hawaiians could not afford medical care in their own country, which has led to the
following dire health statistics today.

= 13.4% of aboriginal Hawaiians who were surveyed in 2013 reported that they do.

= Aboriginal Hawaiians are dying at younger ages amongst all other ethnicities, with
rates 40% higher when compared to Caucasians (Panapasa, Mau, Williams &

war crime but is synonymous with the term genocide. Since the occupation of the
Hawaiian Kingdom began during the Spanish-American War, the United States
embarked on a deliberate campaign of forced denationalization in order to conceal the
occupation and militarization of a neutral State. Denationalization, in its totality, is

genocide. ’ =

We give or heada and our hearts to God and our coutey! One couatry, one Language, ene fag?”

1945, Committee Ill argued that denationalization was not a single act of “depriving the
inhabitants of the occupied territory of their national characteristics,” but rather a
program that attempted to achieve this result through: “interference with the methods o
education; compulsory education in the language of the occupant; .. the ban on the,

"using of the national language in schools, streets and public places: the ban on the,
‘occupied region; the removal of national symbols and names, both personal and
geographical; [and] interference with religious services as far as they have a national

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