Trans, non-binary and gender-fluid people were and are accepted in Hawaiian culture (i.e. mahu), and play vital roles in our resistance against colonization & US genocide of Hawaiians. Strict binary gender is a deeply Western, imperial concept, forced upon us.

The phrase closest to 'man up' in Hawaiian is 'ku kanaka' - 'stand up like a human'. The word for parent, 'makua' is gender-neutral. Most names are also gender-neutral, i.e. Mahealani. More: 'Māhū Resistance Challenging Colonial Structures of Power&Gender'

I often alter presentation in the middle of streams. I'm in support of LGBTQ+ rights generally, but this is also about self-decolonization & reclamation of gender-fluid Hawaiian culture that was stolen from me. Hawaiian language was banned by the US, when I was born.

More about the experiences of living under ongoing US illegal occupation, banned Hawaiian language and culture, impoverishment, in an anti-imperialist, anti-capitalist cyberpunk game 'Neofeud' that I made while homeless/underhoused & working full-time:

More on Hawaii that had universal healthcare 25 years before the West, invented submarines before Jules Verne published 20,000 leagues, and had full citizenship & equality for Black, Asians as US / Canada enslaved, segregated and exploited both for profit.

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