F-22s grounded, B-52 bomber crews off the job after vaccine mandates!
All it takes to destroy the military-industrial complex is asking US 'fine troops' to follow basic health measures!
Next have ass-washing mandates and we'll have World Peace and the end of imperialism!!!

US' overpaid stormtroopers are the #1 vector for global pandemics. Hoards of for-profit murderers dock in Hawaii, Okinawa, Guam force their way into our communities - great way for the empire to cause mass-death of us indigenous people. Tough call for Palpatine- I mean Biden.


Please don't come to Hawaii right now. We Hawaiians and other Pacific Islanders are disproportionately getting sick & dying as our hospitals overflow, and gov is just building more morgues. Don't participate in ongoing genocide.

We Native Hawaiians are blamed for a pandemic brought on by 30,000 rich white tourists having 50+ person parties. A century ago, rich white businessmen blamed 'dirty Asians / Hawaiians' for illness & burnt us & our homes in Chinatown, but put sick whites in posh hotels.

There's history of scapegoating Asians for disease, when it's white visitors concealing their infections that resulted in plague & decimation of our populations. For example the steamship Quinta's crew carrying smallpox in the 1800s, vax card fakers, or the US military generally.

More on Hawaii's technologically and socio-politically advanced society, with universal healthcare, electric lights before the white house, invented submarines, and full equality for Asian/Black people before US' treachery.


@silverspookgames Do not forget another kind of disease the boom and expansion of the heroine addiction to the world thanks to the returning US soldiers from Vietnam. And I have pretty clear that they came from something quite close to hell.


Honestly people shouldn't be leaving their homes during a surge, let alone traveling to some distant location.

Though annoying the repeated lockdowns in New Zealand, Australia, and Taiwan have worked at rapidly reducing the spread of COVID cases.

@silverspookgames I have legit unfollowed people (not on here) for going on vacation to places where the population is like "please don't come here".

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