Send kids back to school so they can:
-Learn to be an order-taking capitalist cog in their future capitalist tyrannical workplace
-be babysat while parents go be capitalist cogs 8+ hours per day
-Get bullied, shamed
-Get covid & other illnesses
-Get substandard education (54% of US is below junior high reading level)
-Forced indoctrination into American exceptionalism / capitalism / fictional history / brain poison.

Schools out forever!


Covid 19 Delta is as spreadable as chickenpox. And there are worse supervariants coming.
The world will never go back to "normal". In work, play, education, travel.
But "normal" was killing us and the planet.

Work was soul-deadening and abusive paper-shuffling and coffee pouring. Play was a self-destructive self-medication & escape from corporate tyranny. Education was non-existent where it mattered. Travel was too much and burning the planet.

Accept it and change.

"CDC document warns Delta variant appears to spread as easily as chickenpox and cause more severe infection"

"The amount of virus in a person infected with Delta is a thousandfold more than what is seen in people infected with the original version of the virus, according to one recent study."

Meanwhile, in capitalist hellscape US, covid treatment is $40,000 on average, lockdown etc. is again too little too late, and millions are about to be evicted during exponential covid increases.

Be upset, get angry, cry, bargain, then accept reality and grow up, Western countries.

Don't go back to 'normal'. Normal office 'work' was writing irrelevant reports, sending useless e-mails, falling asleep in meetings where wanna-be techno-kings rat race for VP marketing. So you can rake in money to overconsume iPhones & Gucci & burn the planet.

Not immunizing the globe at once caused variants. Vaccine waivers would've allowed rollout of vaccines across the world but - US / Western capitalist plutocrats blocked to protect IP / profits of pharma corporations.

The Covid pandemic will never be over, because too many Americans / Westerners are infantile & ascientific. Thousands more will die, hospitals will be overrun, the economy will lockdown/explode again. You will wear masks the rest of your life. Get your damn shot. Grow up.

Biden 'considering' requiring covid 19 vaccines only *now*? Hey, you want to decimate your own military with long-covid brain fog, fatigue, shortness of breath, racing heart beat, and an inability to tolerate physical or mental exertion? Sure, implode your empire faster.

Covid 19 destroys brain matter, with cognitive decline even in mildest cases of the disease. Get a damn shot, wear a damn mask, social damn distance.

26 US states are barring instruction of CRT or anything that suggests “the need to feel guilt” on the basis of race and sex, such as white privilege, male privilege, and white guilt. But get ur kids some covid brain damage, hospitalization and death!

'Freedom of Speech' in the US means White Male Capitalist speech?

Always has been.

Also, erectile dysfunction caused by COVID-19 is not responsive to current erectile dysfunction medications. Get a freakin' shot.

There were 235,000 cases of covid in the US yesterday, no sign of slowing.
Children are filling hospitals.
We're never going back to normal.
You will wear a mask forever.
Get a fucking vaccine.

Imagine a mask strapped to a human face forever.

Imagine idiot Westerners crying 'muh freedoms, I'm getting my face stomped on by authoritarian boots' when they refuse to mask and vaccinate as millions die.

Orwell was a fool.

"My body my choice" woman asking for birth control? "NO!!!"
"My body my choice" white biz-bro throwing a tantrum about masking/vaxxing? "Yeah! No authoritarianism! Muh Freedoms!"

Both articles don't refer to evidence. There is a leaked slideshow with some claims. Referring to data sonewhere out in the blue.
That's simple rubbish.

@silverspookgames oh

*this* is why the conservative circuit did their about-face on vaccines

@silverspookgames i don't want to be a petri dish for a new vaccine! instead, i will be a petri dish for a new virus!

@silverspookgames This will probably convince more men than the threat of death honestly.

Reminds me of when Japanese government was seriously dragging its feet to approve any sort of birth control, but rushed through the approval of Viagra extremely quickly. God forbid men's dicks don't work good, but women?
Forget 'em.

@silverspookgames US (and Canadian) history in a nutshell:

* We'll give you land if you come here. Unless you're already here because you're a native person, then we take your land to give to whites.

* We'll give you freedom from persecution and exploitation back home. Unless you're a slave, then we force you here to exploit you even more.

* We'll give you the right to vote. Unless you're not white, male, or a land owner.

* We'll give you a financial safety net. If you're already rich.

@silverspookgames I made fun of Governor Newsom for announcing freedom from masks.

Because I knew the fires were coming...

I think what's demonstrated by various Asian communities, might be a reasonable future for mask wearing. During surges everyone needs to wear it, outside of surges people feeling under the weather or in crowded spaces probably want to wear one.

And get vaccinated, carry a copy of your vaccination record, and don't whine about having to show it.

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