Office work is writing BS reports, sending e-mails no one reads, falling asleep in meetings as wanna-be techno-kings rat race for VP marketing. To make a pile of money to overconsume iPhones & Gucci & burn the planet.

Overpriced skyscrapers are concrete, steel, and polarized glass bank vaults for the world's billionaires to store in 2.5 mil / unit condos whose trophy wives jacuzzi in once a year while shopping at Prada, skyrocketing housing costs for homeless nurses and teachers below.


Commercial real estate is the multi-trillion dollar house of cards under global omnicidal, plutocratic capitalism. Let it fall.

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The cubicle farm is the Versailles Court of capitalism. The water cooler 'schmoozing' where mediocre CEO scions vie for executive positions is modern feudal ladder climbing. Lords & viscounts once 'networked' around 76-layer cakes and the Dauphin's emerald and diamond-studded hairpieces. Today, they take turns verbally fellating King Corner Office around $15 cinnamon chai lattes & power point. An empire of dynastic fools thinly veiled by 'Gentlmen's Cs', real-oak desks, & threadbare 'democracy'.

"A brilliant ride... Neofeud explored the depths that makes up our capitalist reality and I found the game to be a multi-dimensional representation of Marx's Das Kapital... forces players to confront and engage with reality"

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